Bradley Cooper hasn’t had a drink since he was 29, on the plus side: no hangovers!

Bradley Cooper might have starred in The Hangover but he hasn't had one since he was 29 years old!

Bradley hasn't touched drink since he was 29. Copyright: [wenn]

Yep, beautiful Bradley has confessed that he is sober and hasn't touched a sip of alcohol in years.

So why does Bradley dodge cocktail hour?

Well, you see when he was young, silly and drunk he used to do all sorts of things that he isn't proud of which led to his decision to kick drink for good.

Feel free to *swoon*. Copyright: [wenn]

"I don't drink or do drugs at all anymore," he says, saying he hasn't used them since being 29. "Being sober helps a great deal."

So what kind of silly things did drunk Bradley used to get up to?

"I was at a party once, and deliberately bashed my head on the concrete floor, like, 'Hey, look how tough I am!'" he says.

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"And then I did it again," he explains. "I spent the night at St. Vincent's Hospital with a sock of ice, waiting for them to stitch me up."


The actor confessed that the catalyst came when he realized that the drink and drugs could compromise his career and at that point he just stopped everything.

"I always felt like an outsider. I just lived in my head. I realized I wasn't going to live up to my potential, and that scared the hell out of me. I thought, 'Wow, I'm actually going ruin my life; I'm really going ruin it.' "

Good thing it all worked out, Hollywood is a much fitter place with Bradley Cooper in it!