Blue ruffle a few feathers joining The Big Reunion, pretty much everyone doesn’t want them on the show

During last night’s episode of ‘The Big Reunion,’ boy band Blue managed to ruffle a fair few feathers after they were revealed as a last minute addition to the line-up.

Blue ruffled more than a few feathers on last night's show. Copyright [ITV2]

The show, which previously saw former chart toppers such as Atomic Kitten and 5ive reform for a special reunion concert, dropped a bombshell last night when boy band Blue were added to the billing.

And it didn’t take long for rivalries to appear.

Even before entering the rehearsal studio to meet the other bands, Duncan James said: “It’s dog eat dog, boyband eat boyband.”

Duncan was ready to do battle. Copyright [ITV2]

A tad dramatic don’t you think?

A more level-headed Simon Webbe added: “Obviously a new band being introduced into the bill will cause disruption.”

And it seems that Simon could in fact be psychic, with the band receiving a frosty reception on their arrival.

Blue member Lee Ryan immediately picked up on former fiancé Liz McClarnon’s behaviour when he entered the rehearsal studio.

He said: '”She just went really weird with me. She was just edging away.

“I don’t know why that is the case, unless she still has feelings for me.”

The B*Witched girls weren't exactly thrilled. Copyright [ITV2]

Edele of B*Witched was more open about her thoughts on Blue joining stating: “I feel like we’ve had blood sweat and tears and to get a band that aren’t reuniting, they're still together. I don’t get it.”

While Jessica of Liberty X agreed with her sentiment saying: “It feels like they can waltz in when everything is done.”

Liberty-X's Jessica and Tony discuss Blue's arival. Copyright [ITV2]

However, after the initial frosty response from the reunited bands, it seems that Blue had managed to make some headway with at least one person.

Scott from 5ive admitted: “They fit into the show well. And it's a few more drinking partners.”

Big Reunion bands before and after: Atomic Kitten were fun and fiesty back in 2000 [left] and they haven't changed much in the last 13 years [right] Copyright [PA/Rex]
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