BINTM’s Anna Vokes: Tyson was very flirty, rubbed in our suncream

The Britain And Ireland's Next Top Model contestants may be seriously gorgeous.

BINTM, judges, Elle Macpherson, Julien Macdonald, Whitney Port, Tyson BeckfordOur eyes have been on Tyson since the start of the new series. Copyright [BINTM]

But let's face it, since the new series started we've struggled to look at anything other than new judge Tyson Beckford.

And now eliminated BINTM model Anna Vokes has revealed that the American model is even MORE delicious in person.

Speaking exclusively to us after being voted off by the judges just before the model house, Anna said: "Oh yeah, everyone is crushing on Tyson.

"When you first meet him you want to fan your face down. Especially when he decides to undo his shirt for me, I was like 'that's lovely'".

Tyson raised temperatures in last night's episode by unbuttoning his shirt to help Anna walk sexily towards him and fellow judges Elle Macpherson, Julien Macdonald and Whitney Port.

Tyson apparently rubbed suncream in the girls skin. Can we be a model? Copyright [Wenn]

And Anna - who left the show last night along with Diona and Louisa - revealed that he was a right old FLIRT to the BINTM girls - who were craving male attention while away from their boys in Dubai.

She said: "He is a very flirty person naturally and I think a lot of the girls - especially the girls in relationships - missed that male contact.

"So if he's gonna flirt, you're gonna flirt back."

And she EVEN revealed that Tyson took it upon himself to make sure the ladies didn't burn in the hot Middle Eastern sun.

She told us: "During the bikini shoot in the break for lunch Tyson would come up to us and go 'girls make sure you don't burn' - then he'd rub suntan lotion on us. He was a really nice guy."

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Seriously? We wanna be a top model. If maybe we had longer legs, and nicer hair...and smoother skin.

But as friendly as Tyson was, it seems Whitney Port kept herself to herself.

Like Danielle last week, Anna told us: "She never really said a lot to us. She was very quiet and very much behind the scenes.

"She didn't like me and that's fair enough but she never gave me the chance to get to know me more."

Anna (left) was eliminated last night along with Diona and Louisa. Copyright [BINTM]

Asked who she reckons could go all the way, she told us Anita was her bet.

She said: "Anita is the dark horse of this competition. She's the type of girl who'll take everything that's said to her and come back stronger."

There are just 13 girls left in the competition. Copyright [BINTM]