Big Brother: Secrets and Lies set to be the most twist filled series yet, we take a look back at the 9 best twists of all time

Tomorrow night, Big Brother returns to our screens with a brand new house, brand new housemates and a brand new title: ‘Secrets and Lies’.

Big Brother is back tomorrow! Copyright [Channel 5]With bosses promising this series to the most twist filled yet, we take a look back at some of the corkers Big Brother has unleashed on his unsuspecting housemates in the past.

Celebrity Big Brother: Yeah, Jackie

Jackie Stallone's entrance to the Celebrity Big Brother was one of the best all time twists on the show. Copyright …

Not many people get on with their mother in law at the best of times, so imagine how Brigitte Nielsen felt when she was faced with her ex-husband Sylvester Stallone’s mum Jackie. As part of the medieval shopping task, housemates were lined up and told to welcome the Queen mother of the house.

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A shocked Brigitte’s face dropped as Jackie Stallone walked in, only being able to exclaim: ‘Oh my god, Jackie,’ to which the matriarch uttered the now notorious line, ‘Yeah, Jackie’.

Big Brother 5: The Bedsit

After it seemed like housemates Emma and Michelle had been voted out the house on day 15, the two girls were shocked when it turned out that the they had in fact been voted by public to live in the Big Brother bedsit. Spying on their housemates’ every move while also taking control of their lives, Emma and Michelle reveled in their new roles.

Emma and Michelle in the Big Brother bedsit. Copyright [Channel 4]

However, after hearing housemates Vanessa, Jason and Victor bad mouthing them, the girls showed a complete inability to exercise restraint on their return to the house, sparking the now infamous fight night, resulting in viewers watching the live stream ringing the police.

Big Brother 6: The Secret Garden

Big Brother 6 introduced three new housemates half way through the series – Orlaith, Eugene and lover of wine bottles Kinga to live in ‘the secret garden’. With the three dressed in unflattering fig leaf costumes, it was then down to housemate Makosi to keep them well fed and clean without her housemates finding out. Managing not to arouse too much suspicion (there were a few close shaves), Makosi passed the task with flying colours.

Big Brother 7: Nikki Grahame gets voted back in

Nikki Grahame was the first housemate to ever be voted back into the house. Copyright [Rex]
In a Big Brother first, ‘Who is she?’ catchphrase queen Nikki Grahame was voted back into the house and reinstated as a full time housemate. However, her melodramatic tendencies seemed to go into overdrive on her second stint, cheesing off viewers once again and finishing in 5th place.

Big Brother 8: Charley’s fake eviction

Controversial housemate Charley made a lot of enemies in the Big Brother house thanks to her generally scathing opinions on them all. So who else better than Charley to be voted out in  fake eviction followed by a fake interview with Davina? Making the twist even better, the interview was then broadcast into the house. After slating the majority of her housemates, Charlie returned to the house to her somewhat unimpressed cast members.

Big Brother 9: Sara and Lisa’s dilemma

After being voted by their fellow housemates to face the public vote after an excruciating round of face to face nominations, best friends Lisa and Sara showed just exactly what friendship is all about. Being called to the task room after their housemates did the dirty on them, Lisa and Sarah faced the ‘prisoner’s dilemma’.
Lisa and Sara showed solidarity in the Prisoner's Dilemma. Copyright [Rex]

The two were told by BB that they had the option to share or steal £50,000 between them. The two had to make the decision, without conferring, on live TV. As their housemates watched on, Lisa and Sara proved that they weren’t morally bankrupt, sharing the money, much to their housemates’ annoyance.

Big Brother 9: Lisa and Mario hide their relationship

As the first ever couple to enter the house, Mario and Lisa were told on arrival with fellow housemate Steph that they had to hide their relationship in order to avoid being put up for eviction. Instead, Mario and Steph had to convince everyone that they were in fact the real couple. Unfortunately, by the time Big Brother had forced Mario to propose and have a fake wedding to Steph, housemates weren’t convinced at all that they were a couple. Not helped of course by Steph’s obvious disdain for him.

Big Brother 13: The White Room

Last year, Sarah, Conor and Luke S were selected by their housemates to live in the ominously named ‘white room’. There they wore, ate and lived in white, isolated from the main house and housemates. With Sarah deciding she couldn’t handle to secluded room, Conor and Luke S were left to battle it out to win what they thought was a free pass to the final.

Conor and Luke S battled it out for £50k in The White Room. Copyright [Channel 5]

However, Big Brother had an almighty twist up his sleeve. Telling the two to stand behind their respective podiums, the boys were shown a rising total of money and told that if they hit their buzzer within a minute they would take home whatever amount of money was left on the screen BUT be evicted then and there. As both went to hit their button at £50k, Connor was triumphant, leaving Luke S in tears.

Celebrity Big Brother: Heidi and Spencer ‘leave’ the house

Perhaps the most tactical housemates of all time, the two headed reality TV savvy monster that was Speidy managed to avoid eviction on the first week, much to theirs and their housemate’s anger. Immediately calling the two to the diary room, Big Brother gave them a secret task: to stage a walk out.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt spied on their housemates in the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother. Copyright …

Due to their high maintenance nature, the two didn’t have trouble convincing their housemates that they were through with the show. The two were then sent to the basement to spy on their housemates, causing havoc when they eventually returned to the house.

Big Brother: Secrets and Lies airs tomorrow night at 9pm on Channel 5.

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