Big Brother’s Scott Mason: ‘I don’t regret not picking sides’

Last night, Big Brother shocked us all when Brian Dowling announced that favourite Scott Mason had poled the least amount of votes, becoming the tenth person to be evicted from the Big Brother 2012 house.

Scott Mason, Big BrotherScott was evicted from the Big Brother house last night. [Copyright Rex]

During his time in the house, Scott was well liked by everyone, failing to align himself with any particular group.

Talking exclusively to omg! this morning Scott admitted that he didn't regret not picking sides even though it ultimately led to his exit, three days before the final.


He told us: "I knew I would get the most nominations this week because I was an easy target because I wasn't on any side...I don't [regret it] I just did what I wanted."

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This year, there has been a clear house divide between 'the insiders' and 'the outsiders' while Scott and housemate Sara have remained firmly on the fence.

Big Brother, Scott MasonScott remained friends with everyone in house after it became divided. [Copyright Wenn]

Talking about the house dynamic, Scott admitted that he wasn't a fan of the divide.

He said: "I hate it when groups form because all the people in one group were bitching about people in the other group and then so were the people in that one...I couldn't stand it!"

"I've never been in groups in my life. I've always had my own opinions."

On last night's shock that he had tallied the least votes, Scott confessed that he was wary that the result could have gone either way.

Scott explained: "I'm not going to pretend that I thought I was going or that I thought I was staying like some idiot, I just didn't really know."

This Monday will see Deana, Adam, Luke A, Luke S and Sara battle it out to become crowned the champion of Big Brother 2012.