Big Brother 2012 launch night: omg!’s verdict

Last night the new series of Big Brother returned once again to our screens.

Big Brother 2012 housemates arrived on launch night. Copyright [Channel 5]

With a swish new house (we LOVE the diary room chair), a mammoth 16 new housemates and a cringe inducing live nominations twist, we think this year is gearing up to be the best Big Brother yet.

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Now our Mum's always told us to never judge a book by its cover but when it comes to Big Brother, first impressions really do count.

Here are our initial reactions to our new best friends for the summer.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Arron. Copyright [Channel 5]

The hottie: Arron

A Hollister model *swoon* and mixed martial arts fighter *double swoon*, Arron looks to be this year's main man candy. Yes please.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Sara. Copyright [Channel 5]

The troublemaker: Sara

A self-confessed argumentative person, Sara came across as somewhat aggressive in her VT. Her fiery Scottish temper could lead to some almighty bust ups in a house of big personalities.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Deana. Copyright [Channel 5]

The ice queen: Deana

After being selected by BB as the 'lucky' first housemate, Deana didn't seem to bat an eyelid when she was told she would have to nominate three of her new housemates just moments after meeting them. In fact, she seemed to relish the thought of nominating the most "boring housemates". Ouch.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Caroline. Copyright [Channel 5]

The most loveable: Caroline

From the moment posh tottie Caroline stumbled onto the runway with her out of control backcombed hair and vacant expression we knew we'd found our favourite new housemate. We love that she believes she repels men and can't wait to hear stories from her 'gap-yah.'

Big Brother 2012 housemate Lydia. Copyright [Rex]

The name dropper: Lydia

Within 20 seconds of her VT Lydia had dropped so many famous names we had begun to wonder why she didn't apply for the celeb version of the show.  We particularly love the spectrum of celebrities she's met, on one end she was in Mamma Mia with Meryl Streep, on the other, she's engaged to Andy Scott Lee. Brilliant.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Conor. Copyright [Channel 5]

The party boy: Conor

The moment Conor described his *ahem* party trick we had a feeling he would be at the centre of the majority of this year's most outrageous drunken moments.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Victoria. Copyright [Channel 5]

The drama queen: Victoria

Now we wouldn't be best pleased if we were nominated on the first night for having "evil eyes" but Victoria only seemed to make matters worse by continuing her death stare toward nominator Deana. Mark our words, if she stays after Friday there will be hissy fits aplenty.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Shievonne. Copyright [Channel 5]

The opinionated one: Shievonne

Describing herself as a "professional arguer", we think it is likely that the former Playboy bunny will have a thing or two to say when tensions start to arise in the house.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Chris. Copyright [Channel 5]

The one to watch out for: Chris

Seemingly happy go lucky, squeaky voiced Chris is one of our faves from this year's line up. The fake tan wearing bailiff (amazing) hinted that he had a game plan to Brian as he went in. Expect early alliances, backstabbing and stirring from this one. *Rubs hands together*

Big Brother 2012 housemate Ashleigh. Copyright [Rex]

The one who will cause problems for the live feed: Ashleigh

After admitting that she had a habit of swearing far too much, it shouldn't have been a surprise that the first thing to come out of Essex girl Ashleigh's mouth was the f-bomb. Then she did it again. And again. And continued to every time she was on screen. Someone wash that girl's mouth out with soap.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Adam. Copyright [Channel 5]

The daddy: Adam

After already serving time in prison, the reformed gang member should find BB a walk in the park, allowing him to lend a sympathetic ear to his inexperienced housemates.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Luke A. Copyright [Channel 5]

The peacemaker: Luke A

Transgender chef Luke came across as the most level headed housemate last night and we feel he may be putting out more fires than those in the kitchen this year.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Benedict. Copyright [Rex]

The control freak: Benedict

Every year, without fail, there will be a housemate who makes it their mission to take charge of the argument-inducing shopping list. This year, we think it will be Benedict. The former teacher admitted that he may take it upon himself to lay down the law and as one of the older housemates, he may fall back into old habits. Class dismissed.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Luke S. Copyright [Rex]

The lothario: Luke S

Self assured ladies man and Mark Wright in the making, Luke S knows he's hot property and isn't afraid to admit it. We predict he'll be breaking more than a few hearts this series.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Scott. Copyright [Channel 5]

The most likely to walk: Scott

For us, Scott seems to be the most out of place housemate. The frightfully posh history student may find it difficult to come across anyone on the same wavelength. This being said, BB is known for its mismatched friendships, so we'll watch this space.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Lauren. Copyright [Channel 5]

The one we've forgotten already: Lauren

She seems very sweet but for us Lauren seemed to get lost amongst this year's housemates. This doesn't mean she won't go far, last year Louise was very quiet and ended up a respectable fourth place. Only time will tell.

So that's what we think, but how do you guys feel?

omg!'s Big Brother verdict was provided by our roving reporter Chris Smith.