Big Brother defends Rylan leaving house for X Factor tour rehearsals

Yesterday we were left pulling the hugest shocked faces when we learned that Rylan Clark has been sneaking out of the Celebrity Big Brother house for X Factor rehearsals.

Rylan has been allowed out twice for X Factor rehearsals. Copyright: [rex]

In an interview on The Wright Stuff, evicted housemate Gillian Taylforth let slip that Rylan had been out of the house and that was how they roughly knew the time.

Now, Big Brother has released an official statement via its Facebook page in an attempt to defend the decision to let Rylan take part in light of his X Factor contract.

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They say that they have a "strict understanding" that Rylan can rehearse TWICE under the supervision of a show producer.

The statement in full reads as follows:

"It was agreed before Rylan entered the Big Brother House that he would be allowed to rehearse for his tour twice on-site with a choreographer.

Rylan has apparently been leaving the main CBB house for rehearsals. Copyright [Rex]

"This was agreed on the strict understanding that he was not allowed to discuss events in the Big Brother House with anyone during such rehearsal periods."

"Rylan was escorted by a Big Brother producer at all times during rehearsal to ensure full compliance."

So basically, even thought they are admitting Rylan HAS left the house, they reckon he doesn't know anymore about the outside world than the other housemates.

Plus, Rylan could hardly break his already signed X Factor contract so it was either we have Rylan sneaking out twice or no Rylan at all.

And after his frankly amazing housemate status we take Rylan please!

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