Big Brother’s Conor McIntyre: “I’m not a bully”

Last night it wasn't just the Olympics that had us on the edge of our seats. During Big Brother's nail biting White Room task twist, controversial housemate Conor McIntyre left the house with £50,000 of the show's prize money.

Big Brother, Conor, Channel 5, white roomConor leaves the Big Brother houese £50,000 richer. [Copyright Channel 5]

After spending four days with housemate Luke S in Big Brother's White Room, competing for a pass to the final, the pair was shown on a plasma screen an increasing amount of money in front of them. If they wanted the money, all they had to do was push their buzzer at any point during the allocated one minute decision time.

Whoever hit their buzzer first would take the money and leave the house immediately, leaving the other with a pass to the final.

When the total hit £50,000, both Luke S and Conor hit their buzzer, with Conor narrowly beating the Events manger.  See we told you it was exciting!

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Talking exclusively to omg! this morning, Conor told us that he did feel some guilt about taking the money from Luke S.

Conor admitted: "It's 50/50 on the guilt because he wanted it as well but at the end of the day what had to be done had to be done. I felt personally that the way it was going I had to press the buzzer... [when you have] £50,000 in front of your face you have to take it and I was successful."

Conor then went on to explain that that it was in fact Luke S that made him decide to push the buzzer first.

He explained: "Luke was being really greedy, I told him to press it at £20,000, my hands were away from [the buzzer] and I was telling him to press it, I think he was waiting for a certain amount, I don't think he thought it would stop at £50,000, as soon as I saw £50,000 I had to have it and I was just quicker than him."

Big Brother, Conor, White room, Luke SLuke S and Conor during their time in the White room. [Copyright Channel 5]

Throughout his time in the house, Conor was very vocal about his desire to make it to the final. After 60 days in the house, surely there is a part of him that wishes he had seen it through to the end?

Conor told us: "I'm gutted I'm not there for the final, I am absolutely devastated that I'm not there but at the end of the day its £50,000...I'm happy the way it turned out."

Well if anything could soften the blow of missing out on the final, £50,000 should just about do it!

Conor caused controversy on the outside world after his use of offensive language toward housemate Deana, sparking over 1,000 complaints to Ofcom. On being branded a bully, Conor was adamant that he was not one.

Conor stated: "If you knew me and talked to people back home who know me, I am not in any way a bully and I have one of the biggest hearts out there, to hear that makes me upset."

With the final only 10 days away, Conor chose two housemates that he would like to see win the show.

Conor said: "A worthy winner for me would be the likes of Adam or Ashleigh, Ashleigh because she's been in there and been herself and other people are playing a game and putting on an act...they've been themselves."