Big Brother’s Becky Hannon: Luke A, Deana and Adam are ‘boring’

Before Conor McIntyre voluntarily left the house with £50,000 in his back pocket last night, there was the small matter of this week's eviction which saw Becky Hannon become the ninth person to leave the Big Brother 2012 house.

Big Brother, The White Room, Becky HannonBecky evicted from the Big Brother 2012 house. [Copyright Channel 5]

The bubbly brunette had initially been voted in by the public and was a favourite to win the series on entering.

However, after eight weeks of gossiping about her housemates it seemed that the public had had enough of her stirring, giving her the boot last night.

On leaving the house, Becky received a frosty reception and the usually chatty housemate seemed lost for words during her interview with Brian Dowling.

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Talking exclusively to omg! this morning, Becky told us why she was left speechless during her interview.

Becky admitted: "I expected to come out but it was daunting because I didn't go into the house with a crowd, I just came from the Diary room and I didn't know what to expect, I didn't realise that the crowd would be that big! I was just so flustered!"

This week there has been a clear divide between Deana, Adam and Luke A against Becky, Ashleigh and Scott. On finding out that the former were favourites with the public, Becky admitted she understood why, but still managed to throw in an sly dig about the three.

She told us: "I can understand a little bit why they are loved by the public because they are different personalities and people might not like people who are loud like me. But I did find them boring."

Earlier this week, Becky had an argument with Luke A after it was revealed by her sister during the family and friend's nominations twist that the chef had described he as having as much respect for him as she does her BMI.


Luke A, Becky Hannon, Big Brother 2012Becky was upset by Luke A's comment about her BMI. [Copyright Channel 5]

Becky, who throughout the series has admitted she is comfortable with her weight, told us why she reacted so badly to the comment.

She explained: "The reason that it upset me, it wasn't the comment, I'm fine with my weight, and I'm comfortable with my weight. It was seeing my sister on the screen bringing it up and she got a bit upset about it and I just wouldn't want my family to be upset by things people had said."

On her gossiping in the house, Becky pulled out that old classic 'blame it on the editing' saying: "I would never want to offend people but I am a 19-year old girl and I gossip, I've been in there for eight weeks for 24 hours a day so when it's all crammed into the footage I'm bound to come across the humungous bitch aren't I?"