Big Brother’s Ashleigh Hughes: ‘I can’t wait for alone time with Luke S’

Last night, Ashleigh Hughes became the eleventh person to be evicted from the Big Brother 2012 house following Scot Mason who had been evicted earlier that evening.

Big BrotherAshleigh was evicted from the Big Brother house last night. [Copyright Channel 5]

During her time in the house, Ashleigh quickly fell into a relationship with events manager Luke S.

Talking exclusively to omg! this morning, Ashleigh told us that she was looking forward to finally having some private time with Luke S once the show concludes this Monday.

She said: "We've said we are going away together on holiday so I can't wait for that! I can't wait to see him and have our alone time together."

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The authenticity of the couple's relationship came under fire after Luke S was tricked into thinking he was having a private meeting with a talent agency.

During this meeting, Luke S admitted that he found Ashleigh annoying and that if he had the choice, he would prefer to take part in 'The Bachelor' as opposed to a Katie Price and Peter Andre type show with Ashleigh once Big Brother was over.

After seeing the footage of the conversation in her interview with Brian Dowling last night, Ashleigh didn't look impressed. This morning, however, the Essex girl was feeling a lot calmer about his comments.

She explained: "When I first saw it I was a bit shocked...but he was put on the spot, it is what it is. There is more to Luke than that one comment and at the end of the day; whatever happens on the outside happens....I can't wait to see him when he comes out."

"It was amazing to have Luke [in the house] with me at all times, I've loved every moment of it."

Ashleigh Hughes, Big BrotherAshleigh is looking forward to spending some alone time with Luke S outside the house. [Copyright Channel 5]

Ashleigh was also known for her numerous spats with housemate Deana Uppal. However, Ashleigh doesn't bare any grudges against the Beauty Queen.

"We've had our confrontations in the past, she's said some horrible things and I've said some horrible things but deep, deep down, Deana has got a good heart...sometimes she just comes across as very patronising."

When asked who she wanted to see crowned as this year's winner come Monday's final, Ashleigh surprisingly didn't choose boyfriend Luke S.

She admitted: "I'd love Sara to win because she is honest, she is kind, she's respectful, and she's done so well in the competition."