Beyonce poses without make-up on, ditches the day job and takes up some factory work in leather leggings - a complete disregard for health and safety

Beyonce could look amazing in a bin bag, this is something we've all had to come to terms with over the years.

Beyonce posed in a forklift truck, without make-up and sporting a hard hat. Copyright [Beyonce / Tumblr]

But who knew she could look this good without make-up on... AND in a hard hat.

The yummy mummy decided to ditch the day job yesterday, opting to swap her usual stage look for factory chic.

Bey apparently spent a day in a factory, striking a pose in a forklift truck and showing a complete disregard for health and safety (unless she has a heavy machinery license, in which case we stand corrected).

Beyonce's complete disregard for health and safety in the factory concerns us - but she does look fit. Copyright …

Sporting some leather leggings and posing with her leg up on the dashboard, we couldn't help but notice the lack of steel-capped boots on her feet - something we ALL know is a factory wardrobe staple.

The 32-year-old later struck a pose in the shower - fully clothed but still totally make-up free.

Beyonce later struck a pose in her shower, avoiding the naked shower shot and instead donning another stylish ensemble …

Despite our health and safety concerns, Bey is looking better than ever after ditching all of her baby weight with a tough post-pregnancy diet.

Bey spent almost a year getting back into shape following the birth of Blue Ivy, avoiding her infamous maple syrup diet and instead sticking to high-protein meals and plenty of exercise.

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Lindsay Lohan looked far more fresh-faced than usual as she ditched the make-up for a day by the pool. Looking good, LiLo! Copyright [Instagram]
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