Beyonce was talking s**t with 'Bow Down / I Been On,' says John Legend - EXCLUSIVE

John Legend has joked that Beyonce was simply ‘talking s**t’ when she decided to unveil controversial track ‘Bow Down/ I Been On’ earlier this month.
John Legend has joked that Beyonce just wanted to 'talk s**t' on her new track Bow Down. Copyright [Rex]

Talking exclusively to omg! the 34-year-old singer explained why he thought Beyonce decided to unleash the track on the world.

He told us: “You know I just think she is talking s**t! Every once and a while everyone wants to talk their shit so she’s talking it.

“She is one of the great artists of our time and I’m sure she is going to make a great album.

“She put it out there because she knew people would talk about it. And they’re definitely all talking about it.”

Well he isn’t wrong there.

When the track was released, Twitter went into meltdown, with many fans of Beyonce panning the song for its un-feminist theme.

One Twitter user wrote: "For a woman who upholds female empowerment and girl power, your latest single is "Bow Down Bitches" way to go Beyonce [sic]"

John Legend is gearing up for the release of his fourth album 'Love in the Future'.

John Legend is currently gearing up for the release of his fourth album ‘Love in the Future’.

The ‘Ordinary People’ hit maker explained to us exactly why he decided to go with ‘Who Do We Think We Are’ as the album’s lead single.

He said: “It feels like a celebration and I love the track, it’s so soulful. I wanted to re-enter with a track like this.”

Known for his soulful music, John admits that although he is sticking to this territory he has given album number four a modern twist.

He explained: “If I think about the array of tracks that are on the album, all of them are soulful but some of them are a little more modern, some of them are a little more classic soul.

There are a range of producers and different sounds throughout the album.

“I think our goal was to make kind of a classic, modern soul album.

“To me this means that you aren’t just retreading things that people have made 30, 40 years ago you’re doing something new but still within that legacy.”

Have a listen to 'Who Do We Think We Are' and 'The Beginning' from John's album 'Love in the Future' which is out June 24.