Beyonce signs £30 million Pepsi deal, that’s a whole lots of baby grows for Blue Ivy

Beyonce has signed a deal with Pepsi worth an outrageous £30 million.

Don't see many like that in Asda.... Copyright: [Pepsi]

Yep, you know you have made it when your face is on the side of a can.

And Beyonce will certainly be on a whole bunch of cans...

Pepsi will also be sponsoring the singer's tour next year and she will star in a TV ad, to be released in early 2013.

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For now we will have to make do with this gorge promo ad.

Still, £30 million seems a bit cheap doesn't it? We would have almost definitely demanded more....

Cheers to Beyonce! Copyright: [Pepsi]

Sorry, forgive us, we jest.

£30 million is, in fact, an ridiculous amount of money. Surely for £30 million Beyonce should have crafted every can by hand?

That is a whole lot of baby grows for Blue Ivy - you could buy Harry Styles' £3m mansion ten times over for that sort of dollar.

Heck, you could probably buy Harry Styles... or at least a very convincing lookalike to follow you round for the rest of your life.

One person, frankly, does not need £30 million and that is why she should share it with us.

If she does, we might actually swap Coke for Pepsi...