Beyonce shares a bit too much, reveals that she ‘makes love’ to husband Jay-Z to calm her nerves

Beyonce has revealed an interesting technique in how she conquers her nerves- and it involves husband Jay-Z.

Beyonce during the shoot for GQ. Copyright [GQ]

In an interview with this month’s GQ magazine, the singer, 31, revealed that making love to her hubby often helps calm her down.

She admitted: “If I'm scared, be scared, allow it, release it, move on.

“I think I need to go listen to 'Make Love to Me' and make love to my husband."

Bey, there is such a thing as sharing too much and we think you just did.

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Later on in the interview, Beyonce opened up about the influence she holds thanks to her huge success as a recording artist.

She told the magazine: “When I was writing the Destiny's Child songs, it was a big thing to be that young and taking control.

“And the label at the time didn't know that we were going to be that successful, so they gave us all control. And I got used to it. It is my goal in life to be that example.

Beyonce is proud of her success. Copyright [GQ]

“I now know that, yes, I am powerful. I'm more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand.”

She may not be able to comprehend the power that she possess but Beyonce is adamant that she has more than paid her dues to be in the position that she is in today.

She explained: She said: “I worked so hard during my childhood to meet this goal: by the time I was 30 years old, I could do what I want. I've reached that. I feel very fortunate to be in that position.

“But I've sacrificed a lot of things, and I've worked harder than probably anyone I know in the music industry. So I just have to remind myself that I deserve it.”

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