Beyonce posts make-up free pictures from her least glamorous photo shoot ever, poses like an extra in a zombie film

Beyonce is by far one of the most glamorous pop stars on the planet but from the looks of her latest make-up free Tumblr photo shoot, she seems to be having an off day.

Beyonce posted a new set of near make-up free shots online. Copyright [Tumblr/Beyonce]

The 31-year-old superstar uploaded a collection of dreary snaps taken in what looks like a deserted back alley.

Dressed in a trucker hat with the word ‘Beyond’ embroidered across the front, Beyonce completed her dressed down look in with a black gilet, hoodie, wet look leggings and a pair of battered high tops.

The star’s usually perfect hair was also rather disheveled- looking like it hadn’t made contact with a brush in weeks.

As part of her grungy new urban makeover, Beyonce’s usual A-List smile had been replaced by a Z-list grimace.

Beyonce has the zombie walk down to a tee. Copyright [Tumblr/Beyonce]

Although we must point out, there is no denying that the star still looked beautiful in next to no make-up.

In one photo, the star stares into the camera with vacant expression, wearing her trucker hat at a jaunty angle.

The second shot sees Bey walking along a pavement, almost bent over double- looking reminiscent of a something you would see in a Zombie film.

Beyonce headed for the nearest steam grate. Copyright [Tumblr/Beyonce]

Perhaps she was gunning for a role in AMC’s hit show ‘The Walking Dead’?

In further more arty shot, Beyonce is seen aimlessly wondering into a cloud of steam from a nearby grate while a follow up picture displays her standing amongst it wearing a pained expression across her face.

A somewhat terrifying final shot of Beyonce. Copyright [Tumblr/Beyonce]

We can’t help but think that perhaps Beyonce was having a J-Lo inspired ‘Jenny from the Block’ moment to show off her down to earth side.

Unfortunately for the singer, it didn’t quite work.

Bring back glamorous Beyonce, we miss her.

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