Beyonce performs at the Super Bowl XLVII with DESTINY’S CHILD! It’s all too much, we need a lie down

Destiny's Child perform at Super BowlAnd half-time TV ad's see Bar Rafaeli snogging, The Rock drinking Milk and Stevie Wonder pops up too

Destiny's Child were finally reformed on stage last night at the American Super Bowl for the infamous half time show.

They are BACK! Copyright: [rex]

Yes, we kind of always had an inkling they would be there, but that didn't make it any less exciting when they finally were there before our very eyes, all THREE on stage.

Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce back on stage for the first time since 2006. Copyright: [rex]


At the start, we almost thought we were just getting a solo Beyonce performance as she belted out a few of her impressive solo back catalogue.

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However, were pretty much on the floor when Kelly and Michelle appeared for Independent Women, Bootylicious and even part of Beyonce's flippin' Single Ladies!


The performance was amazing. Copyright: [rex]

Beyonce posted this snap of Instgram after the performance. Copyright: [Instagram]

The performance marked their first reunion since 2006, and all in blimmin' Liberty X inspired black leather! We couldn't have imagined it any more perfect.

One word: AMAZE! Copyright: [rex]

Oh and FYI, Beyonce made sure that the crowd knew she was singing live after all the hoohaa at Obama's inauguration.

Singing LIVE FYI! Copyright:[rex]

Last week, Beyonce was forced to admit she sang along with a pre-recorded track of the national anthem at President Barack Obama's inauguration last month.

The singer called out to the crowd several times during Love on Top, Crazy in Love, End of Time" and Baby Boy to just reiterate that YES, she was singing live!