Beyonce’s mic louder than her Destiny’s Child bandmates’ during Super Bowl performance?! Awkward.

Destiny's Child were reunited last night on stage as they performed at the Super Bowl - and it was pretty spectacular.

Rumours are rife that Beyonce's mic was turned up louder than her bandmates'. Copyright [Rex]However, just minutes after Destiny's Child came off stage, rumours were rife that Beyonce's microphone was turned up louder than her bandmates'. Awkward.

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Tweeters were quick to suggest that something was wrong with the audio, with one saying: "What happened to #KellyRowland & #MichelleWilliams Mics? Hmm."

Tweeters and people in the arena said that Beyonce's voice seemed much louder than Kelly's and Michelle's. Copyright …And it wasn't just people on Twitter suggesting Beyonce's mic was louder. People in the Super Bowl arena were also saying the same thing.

CBS News said: "Rowland and Williams were barely heard when the group sang Independent Woman, as their voices faded into the background."

Forbes agreed, saying: "It was difficult to hear the vocals of Rowland and Williams, either because of the microphone volumes or the background music."

Beyonce has announced a world tour today. Copyright [Rex]Uh Oh.

Perhaps Beyonce's mic was turned up to prove that she DEFINITELY WASN'T MIMING after all the scandal around her performance at Obama's inauguration.

Beyonce was forced to admit that she mimed her performance at the inauguration because she was 'saving her voice' for the Super Bowl.

However, Destiny's Child were so amazing during their performance, and Beyonce went on to write an emotional letter to her bandmates after the Super Bowl.

All three girls went on to tweet about how much they'd enjoyed the performance - so whatever the truth about Beyonce's mic, we reckon things are fine between the ladies.