Beyonce gives birth to a baby girl named Tiana-May Carter, or so the rumours are saying…

Has Beyonce had her wildly anticipated baby yet?  Nothing has been confirmed officially but the rumour mill is in overdrive with reports on Twitter claiming the star has had a girl.


The teasing is almost too much to take as we really can't wait!

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And hoaxers know this as they've been playing around all morning, posting a fake tweet posing as American site, TMZ saying:

"RT @TMZ Breaking News! Beyonce's New Born photo leaked!! From Kelly Rowland's phone! PIC"

The gossip site responded in an appropriate manner, posting: Lots of "Did Beyonce have the baby?" questions. Here's what we know" and linked to a web page with the statement "No, not yet."

Yesterday it is believed Beyonce went to a private hospital in New York to have her baby, but again the star has stayed schtum on any developments.

We'll be on stalk watch all day!