Beyonce does a Rihanna, gets her boobs out in a bikini, posts results on Tumblr

Beyonce showed off her killer body in a series of intimate snaps taken on a family hol:

Beyonce looks basically make up free in this pic. Copyright: [IAmBeyonce]

Yep, Bey has done a bit of a Rihanna and got her kit off for all her fans on Tumblr.

Going basically make up free, Beyonce looks her usual stunning self in this gorgeous, natural snap.

While most women would quake with fear at the thought of being snapped sans le slap, Beyonce looks completely relaxed and happy to pose.

(And then have the results posted on the internet for millions to see!)

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However, if we woke up and were Beyonce we would probably be a little less reluctant to whip of the make up for a few photos.

Plus, we think Beyonce is using excellent distraction techniques as it definitely was not her make up free face that we looked at first.

We're just going to come out and say it: would you check out those boobs? They are huge!

The snap was taken on a family hol aboard a luxury yacht which Beyonce sailed round the South of France for her birthday back in September.

Beyonce also posted this super cute snap from baby Blue Ivy's birthday party which shows Mummy B cutting her little cake.

We are loving this glimpse into the Beyonce family album! Copyright: [IAmBeyonce]


We are loving this little spy into the Beyonce/Jay Z family album and say keep them coming!