Bankrupt Martine McCutcheon forks out £1,000 for new hair extensions despite owing £187,000

When we heard that Martine McCutcheon had declared herself bankrupt, we couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

Martine spent £1,000 on her hair the day she declared herslef bankrupt. Copyright [Twitter/ Gold Hair Extensio …

However, two days on and it seems that the former Eastenders actress isn’t adjusting to bankrupt life as well as she could be.

The 36-year-old forked out a huge £1,000 on hair extensions on Wednesday, mere hours after she declared herself bankrupt.

The actress tweeted the Gold Hair Extensions company her thanks after they worked their (expensive) magic on her short bob.

She wrote: “You cheered me up with your kindness and new luscious hair! Thanks for treating me and making me feel nice.”

Tweeting a picture of Martine’s before and after look, the company wrote back to the bankrupt star saying: “Looking fabulous. Our job was made easy as Martine is so lovely.”

Martine filed for bankruptcy this week. Copyright [Wenn]

An insider told The Sun that the actress decided to get the hair treatment in a bid to cheer herself up.

The source also said that Martine probably received a discount in return for her positive review of the company on Twitter.

That’s one way to start saving money we suppose.

Martine filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday thanks to a debt of £187,000 with the ‘Perfect Moment’ singer reportedly owing £149,000 of her debt to HM Revenue & Customs.

She is set to be discharged from bankruptcy in January of next year.

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