BAFTAs 2014: Tinie Tempah HIGH FIVED Prince William and was TOO AWKWARD! *covers eyes*

It was probably the most cringe-worthy moment of the night.

Awkward. Copyright: [BBC]

Tinie Tempah HIGH FIVED Prince William as part of his BAFTA performance tonight.

Yes, it really happened and it was gross.

In fact, it was so cringe at times it felt like it was happening in serious slow motion.

There was so many awful things all happening at once it was hard to focus – Angelina Jolie’s non-plussed face, Helen Mirren, Leo DiCaprio.

FYi, Angelina’s face was very much ‘Er, who is this man please?’.

However, things came to an all-time cringe crescendo when Tinie high-fived the Duke on his way onto the stage.

OH GOD. Copyright: [BBC]
It was honestly like when ‘audience participation’ goes horribly wrong and everyone involved just gets a smidge embarrassed.

Only in this instance, ‘everyone’ included Bradley Cooper.

Tinie Tempah finally realized the error of his ways and completed his performance ON the stage, much to the relief of Judi Dench.

We are sure it was intended to be totes urban and British but you just wouldn’t get this kind of lark going on at the Oscars would you?

No wonder J-Law decided to boycott.

‘Tinie Tempah’ trended almost immediately on Twitter as people everywhere logged on to do a collective keyboard vom.

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