Azealia Banks fires her tour manager after she accuses him of stealing from her, goes on Twitter to rant about it

Azealia Banks has taken to Twitter to rant about firing her tour manager after he allegedly stole money from her.

Azealia Banks has fired her tour manager apparently stealing from her. Copyright [Wenn]

The 21-year-old rapper posted a series of tweets on her official account about the incident which took place yesterday.

She wrote: “Just fired my tour manager for stealing! Hahaaaaaaaa . I hope that $1200 was worth it dummy !!!!! (sic)”

The ‘212’ hit maker went on to post several more tweets about her ex-tour manager, branding him a ‘public pool b***h’.

She tweeted: “He's a public pool b***h...

“I'm bout to burn a candle on his ass!!!!!! Lolololololololol (sic)”

After one of her followers expressed their surprise that her management would steal from her, Azealia clarified that her full time management had nothing to do with the incident.

She wrote: “A tour manager is different from your actual manager. My actual management is the most professional team I've ever worked with.”

She then continued to berate her ex tour manager stating: “He needs to be drowned on the back of the sink !”

This is not the first time that Azealia has used Twitter to vent her anger.

The rapper got herself into some very hot water in January after posting what looked to be a homophobic slur against celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, 34.

Azealia Banks and Perez Hilton previously engaged in a Twitter war. Copyright [Wenn]

Following a critical comment about Azealia made by Perez, the rapper took it upon herself to tweet the celebrity blogger.

She wrote: “lol what a messy f*ggot you are. (sic)"

Later posting: "omg u should just kill yourself... Like for real. (sic)"

Following an uproar on Twitter about her comments, Azealia attempted to cover up her tracks.

She tweeted: "A f*ggot is not a homosexual male. A f*ggot is any male who acts like a female. There's a BIG difference"

Azealia added: "Unpleasant meddling woman = bitch, unpleasant meddling man = Perez Hilton."

Perez meanwhile simply responded: You know what you do with trash, right? Put it in the dumpster and throw it away! #BeGoneTrash (sic)”

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