Azealia Banks calls Perez Hilton a ‘messy f*ggot’, we properly gasp

Last night things KICKED OFF between Perez Hilton and Azealia Banks in what became one of the biggest Twitter spats we have seen in a while.

Perez and Azealia aren't exactly mates then? Copyright: [wenn]

Yep, we reckon this one will go down in Twitter feud history.

The row arose after Perez criticized Azealia's beef with musician Angel Haze, and her comments about not wanting to work with Rihanna.

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In a tweet that was later deleted, Azealia posted to Perez: "lol what a messy f*ggot you are."

She later posted: "omg u should just kill yourself... Like for real."

Something tells us that these two won't be kissing and making up... Copyright: [wenn]

At this point, the offended flooded her with tweets to which the rapper attempted to defend herself, however perhaps quite unsuccessfully.

She posted: "A faggot is not a homosexual male. A faggot is any male who acts like a female. There's a BIG difference"

Azealia added: "Unpleasant meddling woman = bitch, unpleasant meddling man = Perez Hilton."

Yeah, it would have definitely been advisable to have SHUT UP way before this point, none the less she carried on...

"When I said acts like I female I should've said acts like a c*nt," she delightfully added.

Perez, meanwhile, did well to bite his tongue and stuck to posting tweets like this:

And in between that retweeting anyone who agreed with him... oh, and Azealia to keep us all updated!

Azealia later apologised for her language, saying:

"My most sincere apologies to anyone who was indirectly offended by my foul language. Not sorry for Perez tho. Lol"

Lol.... er actually, no we didn't.

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