• Ricky Wilson Admits He Hasn't Been Asked Back To The Voice

    The coach admits that he hasn't heard a peep since the last series wrapped

    Maybe they tried him and it was engaged?

    Ricky Wilson hasn't heard from the show. Copyright: [BBC]

    Ricky Wilson has admitted that he hasn’t heard from The Voice producers since the last series wrapped.

    Speaing to The Sun, Ricky admitted that he hasn’t been asked to sign up for the next series yet and isn’t even sure that there is space for him.

    “I haven’t been asked yet, for a start. People keep telling me rumours of who might join the panel and I’m not sure there’d be a space for me. It would definitely depend on the coaches,” he said.

    Meanwhile, out of his fellow coaches one that definitely won’t be back is Kylie Minogue who has confirmed that her tour dates meaning she just can’t schedule in filming.

    Kylie definitely won't be back but what about the rest? Copyright: [Twitter]

    However, Ricky admit sthat a Kaiser Chief gig probably wouldn’t be as all consuming as a Ms Minogue performance:

    “Touring for us is different - my preparation is a couple of beers then I run on. There are less costume changes at a Kaiser Chiefs gig than a Kylie one. And a hell of a lot less feather boas!”

    So basically, he has the time spare and is

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  • Cara Delevingne Copies Kim Kardashian With See-Through Skirt Belfie

    Yeah, we're pretty sure she forgot her underwear as well...

    There's no denying that Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are currently Queens of the Belfie.

    Cara Delevingne posted a VERY saucy belfie on Tuesday. Copyright [Instragram]

    But it looks like they're got some serious competition in the form of a certain Miss Delevingne, who posted a VERY revealing snap of herself on Tuesday.

    Yeah, we're pretty sure that the Kardashian clan are going to have to step up their game BIG TIME if they want to take on Cara in the derriere stakes.

    [ Cara Delevingne Compares Paparazzi To 'Assassins' After They Invade Michelle Rodriguez Romantic Break ]

    [ Will Cara Delevingne Copy Kendall Jenner? ]

    Instead of posing in a bikini or her underwear (SO last month) the trend-setter brought a touch of class to proceedings by digging out some designer togs.

    Cara Delevinge has been hanging out with sister Poppy at Coachella. Copyright [Instagram]

    Looking like she was pretty much topless, the 21-year-old just wore a super-stylish black lace Burberry skirt....which really didn't cover all that much.

    And it seems to us, upon *ahem* close inspection, that the model of the moment was NOT wearing any underwear. We repeat: NO UNDERWEAR.

    Adding yet

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  • Lindsay Lohan Tells A Journo She's Dating A 'Married Man With Kids', Chaos Ensues

    KODE Magazine claim LiLo told them she's the mistress of a taken man, who flew her to Coachella by private jet

    Having just dropped the bombshell that she suffered a miscarriage during filming of her OWN reality TV show, things aren't getting any calmer in LiLo land.

    Lindsay Lohan appears on the cover of KODE Magazine.

    According to KODE Magazine, Lindsay Lohan told a journalist at Coachella that she had been flown to the festival via a her married lover's private jet - and that she didn't know if she was pregnant or not.

    She allegedly said: "Oh this guy I’m seeing sent me a jet because he wants to see me…but he’s married with kids."

    Said quotes have since been digitally doing the rounds, with KODE apparently standing by them (we called, no response directly to us as yet) and Lindsay's peeps denying the whole thing.

    Lindsay Lohan burst into tears as she admitted her miscarriage on OWN. Copyright: [OWN]

    The interview also claims that Lindsay - who says she's had one glass of wine since leaving rehab - was sipping on neat vodka throughout their 'chat' and the rest of the festival.

    One line reads: "[Lindsay] takes a sip from her freshly topped off glass of Vodka on the rocks. From this moment, all questions of sobriety seem irrelevant."

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  • Britain's Got Talent: Lettice Rowbotham Turned Down Made In Chelsea TWICE

    She was TOO posh for the poshest show on telly...

    She was dubbed the 'poshest contestant ever' on Saturday night.

    Lettice Rowbotham turned down Made In Chelsea twice. Copyright [ITV/WENN]

    So it's no surprise that Britain's Got Talent's latest sensation Lettice Rowbotham has been offered a role on Made In Chelsea.Twice.

    But it seems that Lettice (yes, that is her name) TURNED DOWN the chance to hang with SW4's elite as she wanted to concentrate on her music, yah?

    [ Britain's Got Talent: Dancing Gran Under Fire! ]

    [ Britain's Got Talent: Alesha Will NOT Be Bailing On BGT For X Factor ]

    The musician, who blew the BGT judges away, could have been sipping champers with Victoria, sharing awkward glances with Spenny or making Jamie fall in love with her.... but she made the choice to do 'sexy' violin instead.

    Lettice could have been hanging out with THIS LOT. Copyright [ITV/WENN]]

    She told The Sun: "They asked me if I wanted to join a couple of years ago and then again last year.

    "But I knew it wasn't really my thing – and I needed to put my music first."

    The 24-year-old, who got four yeses, admitted that she didn't want a career as a reality star to hold her back from..erm...

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  • Looks like someone enjoyed an exotic Easter.
    Taylor Swift showed off her egg-emplary bikini body this Easter weekend. Copyright [Instagram]
    Taylor Swift has shared a photo of herself embarking on an Easter Egg hunt like no other - on a mystery beach dressed in nothing but a tiny white bikini.

    Let’s hope she reached the eggs before they melted.

    The 24-year-old songstress uploaded the Instagram snap of herself from behind, walking along the sun kissed shores to her 40 million Twitter followers.

    She captioned the picture: “Looking for Easter eggs...”

    Taylor really does lead a very lovely life, doesn’t she?

    The busy singer is currently enjoying some much needed downtime following her ‘Red’ world tour which will kick off once again in May, starting in Shanghai.

    The ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ singer recently used her time off to surprise a super fan after receiving an invite to her wedding.

    While Taylor wasn’t able to make the big day, she did have enough room in her diary to turn up at Gena Camerleng’s bridal shower with a plethora of gifts in tow.
    Taylor Swift surprising her super fan. Copyright [Instagram]
    Taylor later uploaded a four and a half

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  • Susanna Reid Shows Off Tupperware Diet Results In Slinky Good Morning Britain Pictures

    The newsreader has reportedly lost inches off her waist ahead of her first show on Monday

    She certainly is looking very trim indeed.

    Susanna Reid is moving to ITV to front Good Morning Britain. Copyright: [ITV]

    And it’s believed that Susanna Reid is looking great ahead of her Good Morning Britain debut following a strict ‘Tupperware diet’.

    Yes, as in those little plastic boxes. So far, so mad. But seriously, what is this all about?

    Well, our exclusive source in the Reid camp was luckily willing to spill all the beans.

    Allow our insider to explain:

    “Everything is in Tupperware and measured out for the day and she only eats what's in those boxes and not a thing more”

    Er, can she take it out the Tupperware?! We daren’t ask.

    “There is no danger of over eating, it's shrinking her stomach and is a serious food limit programme which she reckons is the key to weight loss”

    “She uses Tupperware to measure everything which means portion control and no more and that's flattened her stomach and knocked off the inches.”

    And to think we initially doubted the nutritional value of plastic boxes.

    Susanna Reid diet's has paid off! Copyright: [ITV]

    Susanna Reid and her new thin waist is expected to ‘make mornings sparkle’ after

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  • The last time we checked it takes two to tango (and all that).

    But it looks like Made In Chelsea's Binky is firmly placing the blame on the OTHER GIRL when it comes to boyfriend Alex cheating on her.

    Binky looks like she's forgiven Alex for cheating. Copyright [Twitter/Binky]

    Taking to Twitter the morning after we watched the excrutiating scene in which he confessed to having done the dirty on her, Binks lashed out at the 'scum' who got with him.

    She posted: "Really am so grateful for all the support - it's pretty gross- girls who know a guy has a Gf and f*cks them- you're scum. Same for the guys!"

    Err but what about the douchebag with beautiful eyes for being seduced?

    Binky's sweay rants suggests to us that she's gone and forgiven Mr Mytton for his wandering ways.

    [Jamie Laing talks Binky/Alex cheating saga 'He'll be more hated than Spencer]

    And a quick glance at their

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  • Justin Bieber’s Trousers Fall Down As He Goes Through Airport Security. Whoops!

    The perils of oversized clothing, eh?

    This is what happens when you wear clothes that don’t quite fit.
    Justin Bieber would have done Madness proud with his baggy trousers. Copyright [AKM-GSI]
    Justin Bieber has suffered an embarrassing snafu after his baggy trousers fell down during a routine airport security check.

    Someone buy the boy a belt, stat!

    The 20-year-old singer was asked to raise his arms at LAX airport with his entourage in tow on Saturday as he went through a TSA security check for a full body scan.

    Luckily, Justin had paired his oversized camo trousers with an oversized white t-shirt, saving himself from flashing his (probably) oversized boxers.

    [The White House responds to Justin Bieber deportation petition]
    [Justin Bieber court woes now involve manager Scooter Braun]

    On his way to security, Justin stopped to talk with a young protestor who was selling t-shirts which read 'AirFrance Flies Monkeys to Lab Cruelty’.
    Justin Bieber chats to a protestor. Copyright [AKM-GSI]
    Earlier this year, over 275,000 US citizens signed a petition to have the Canadian born singer’s Visa revoked following a series of run ins with the law.

    However, on Saturday, the White House

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  • Kelly Brook Strips Down For A Cheeky Bridget Jones-Inspired Knicker Belfie

    Post-Coachella nudity always causes a flurry of excitement on Instagram, especially when there's leopard print involved

    From bikini belfies to bedtime belfies - even Photoshopped belfies, we've seen pretty much every form of the 'bum selfie' known to man.

    Kelly Brook's Birdget Jones-inspired Belfie is our favourite yet.

    And while we're used to celebs trying desperately to compete with each other for the sexiest bum snap, good ol' Kelly Brook has taken it upon herself to go for the 'what my bum actually looks like' belfie.

    Posing for a post-Coachella snap in her LA bathroom, Kelly stripped down to her leopard print Bridget Jones knickers and bent over her bathroom sink for the mother of all belfies.

    KB took the opportunity to throw in some extra 'LOLs' at the thigh gap trend, adding the caption: "Mind the Gap #Belfie"

    The 34-year-old model has spent the weekend partying hard with her girlfriends at Coachella, while we lived vicariously through her sun-kissed Instagram snaps.

    We've been living vicariously through KB's Insta pics. Copyright [Kelly Brook/Instagram]

    Taking some time out to relax following her heavy weekend yesterday afternoon, Kelly hit a Beverly Hills salon for a mani-pedi and shoulder massage as the paps snapped away through the windows.

    KB is

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  • He was meant to return to his breakfast show after a two-week holiday.

    But Radio 1 listeners were left a little baffled this morning as they woke up to Dev - rather than Nick Grimshaw to welcome them back after the Easter break.

    Grimmy was absent from Radio 1 breakfast this morning. Copyright [Wenn]

    Just yesterday Scott Mills (who filled in for the 29-year-old during his time away) trailed the return of Grimmy to the airwaves after his fortnight break.

    But although his regular team were back on the morning show, there was no sign of the funny Northerner, who had attended Peaches Geldof's funeral just hours earlier.

    Listeners took to Twitter to complain of the lack of his voice - with some even wondering whether he'd lost his job.

    Some made jokes that Man United fan Grimmy was being lined up as the next manager -

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