• Nicola McClean Engages In Twitter Warfare With Girl Who Would Have Abortion To Appear On Big Brother

    We think it’s safe to say humanity just hit a whole new low

    We think this lady needs to shut her mouth and fast.

    Nicola McLean pretty much said what the nation was thinking. Copyright

    The girl made famous by saying she would have an abortion to go on Big Brother is even more famous today after labeling Nicola Mclean an ‘obsessed secret lesbian’.

    She tweeted: "Starting to think @NicolaMcLean is a secret lesbian. She's become obsessed with me. I'm flattered. Xxxx"

    "For the record, that's the last time I'll tweet about her - regardless of what she throws at me. She's an ATTENTION SEEKER!"

    Er, pot kettle black, much?

    Yesterday, Josie hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons after she said she would abort her nearly 19-week-old fetus for a place on this year’s Big Brother.

    Josie Cunningham: the girl who said she would have an abortion to go on Big Brother. Copyright: [Twitter]

    Predictably, the world was quite disgusted at the 23-year-old escort’s claims.

    Included was Celebrity Big Brother contestant Nicola Meclean who had this to say about Josie:

    "Totally outraged reading about that stupid sl*g that wants an abortion so she can go on big brother !!! She doesn't deserve children."     
    Josie, 23, responded initially with:

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  • Lindsay Lohan Suffered Miscarriage During Reality Show Filming

    The actress made her confession when explaining why she had taken a two week break in her schedule

    Remember that April Fools Day when she ‘joked’ she was pregnant?

    Lindsay Lohan on her reality show. Copyright: [OWN]

    Well, turns out there would be a bit more truth to that than Lindsay Lohan realized at the time.

    The actress has revealed that she actually suffered a miscarriage while filming her new TV show.

    "No one knows this," Lindsay says in the season finale ... "I had a miscarriage for those two weeks that I took off.”

    Lindsay went on to say how the medical emergency left her pretty much immobile.

    She continued, "It's a very long story, but that's why on the show when it says she doesn't want to come down, I couldn't move, I was sick. Mentally, that messes with you."

    Lindsay’s admission came when asked to reflect on her experience with the reality show.

    Lindsay Lohan explained why she missed filming. Copyright: [Splash]

    The 27-year-old did not divulge how far along in her pregnancy she was or who the father was.

    She also said that the crisis was hinted at in a previous episode of the show when she couldn’t appear for filming.

    “Watching this series, I just know how I felt at that moment and I can relate to

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  • Katherine Jenkins Engaged After Just Six Months

    The opera lady has accepted a proposal from her Hollywood director beau after just half a year of dating

    It’s only been six darn months.

    Katherine Jenkins is to be wed! Copyright: [Twitter]

    Katherine Jenkins has only gone and got blimmin’ engaged to her boyfriend Andrew Levitas, the sneaky thing!

    The pair have only been dating since October after meeting in LA however, have already decided it’s time to tie the knot.

    Bit hasty, surely? Still, when you know, you know and all that.

    Just ask Kelly Brook – she got engaged to badger van man after just eleven weeks – in comparison this is a pretty long term affair.

    Unsurprisingly, Kath, 33,  is said to be "thrilled and surprised” by the shock proposal last week. Better than “gutted and suicidal” we suppose.

    Katherine Jenkins' man Andrew Levitas. Copyright: [Splash]

    The couple are planning to marry next year in Wales where Katherine’s family live, followed by a small ceremony in the US.

    And a source reckons that Andrew, 36, is even considering a move to the UK to be with Katherine.

    Katherine thanked fans for their congratulatory messages on Twitter, saying: "Thank you for all your lovely wishes of congratulations. They mean so much to us. Happy Easter!"

    Cue a

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  • Mila Kunis' Baby Bump Caught On Camera By Fan

    That's definitely more than a bad case of trapped wind

    We think it’s safe to say that it most definitely a baby bump!

    Mila Kunis' baby bump was captured in this snap taken by a fan. Copyright: [Twitter]

    Mila Kunis was snapped out and about yesterday sporting what it almost certainly more than just trapped wind!

    The star was snapped by a fan out and about with her 36-year-old fiancé Ashton Kutcher in his hometown of Louisiana.

    The pair were spotted grabbing some brekkie at a local waffle house with his sister, Tausha Kutcher.

    By the looks of her bump, we reckon Mila looks about four or five months cooked meaning she will give birth late summer.

    However, for now we guess we just need to wait until the couple decide to officially announce their news!

    For now the rumours continue to circulate with one source even claiming that the pair have already found out the gender of their baby – and it’s believed to be a girl!

    A source also told US Weekly that Mila is loving being pregnant and that Ashton is looking forward to a baby girl after getting lots of practice with his ex, Demi Moore’s daughters.

    Mila recently fuelled the speculation

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  • TOWIE's James Lock Cheats On Danielle Armstrong YET AGAIN!

    Now will she PLEASE just give him the boot once and for all?!

    Again? Seriously?

    James cheated on Danielle Armstrong last week. Copyright: [Wenn]

    TOWIE love rat James Lock has cheated on his girlfriend Danielle Armstrong yet again.

    Seriously, she needs to give him the boot and fast!

    Danielle, 25, was devastated when she found out that her boyf had cheated last Friday following a night out at Windsor’s Vanilla nightclub.

    James reportedly cheated on her with none other than My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’s Danielle Mason – random, or what?

    Apparently Danielle (gypsy wedding edition) was originally keen on his cast mate Eliot Wright however, settled with James Lock ‘after a couple of drinks’ (!).

    James cheated on Danielle with Danielle Mason. Copyright: [Splash]

    A source told The Sun on Sunday: “Danielle found James charming and after a couple of drinks he became very flirtatious.”

    “When James told Danielle he was single, she didn’t see the harm in having some fun. She had no idea he had a girlfriend otherwise she would never have gone there.”

    “It wasn’t until she saw an online story showing James out with the other Danielle that she knew he had been telling her fibs.”

    “She feels shocked and

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  • Kerry Katona 'Nearly Died' Giving Birth To Her Daughter Jorgie

    The Mum-of-five lost a dangerous amount of blood after suffering from pre-eclampsia

    Sounds awfully traumatic.

    Kerry Katona eight months pregnant. Copyright [Twitter]

    Kerry Katona reportedly ‘nearly died’ giving birth to her baby daughter this month after losing a dangerous amount of blood.

    Things took a dangerous turn for the worst when it was discovered that Kerry was suffering from pre-eclampsia, which causes high blood pressure and can be life-threatening if undiagnosed.

    Kerry ended up losing so much blood that she ended up having to stay in hospital for four days following the birth.

    ‘The birth didn’t go smoothly at all, she nearly died,’ a source told The Daily Star.

    ‘Kerry had pre-eclampsia and her legs and feet swelled up. The condition can be fatal for both mums and babies but thankfully Kerry’s baby was fine.’

    Apparently things got so bad that her Mum Sue feared the worst:

    ‘It was Kerry who was in danger. Her mum Sue was really scared Kerry was going to die. She lost a lot of blood.’

     The 33-year-old Mum of five described on Twitter herself how the birth was ‘traumatic’.

    ‘Thank you all so much for your kind messages, at

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  • Peter Andre Finding Being A New Dad Seriously Knackering

    While the 41-year-old adores his new daughter he also admits he is feeling proper tired!

    Sounds like standard new baby exhaustion to us.

    Sounds like Peter Andre needs a nap. Copyright: [Wenn]

    Peter Andre says that while he obvs totally adores being a new Dad to his four month old daughter Amelia he is also seriously missing his sleep.

    Sounds like Pete needs an emergency nap and ASAP.

    Speaking to The Mirror, he confessed:

    "Amelia is absolutely beautiful - but I'm not good with sleepless nights. Luckily, Amelia makes me so happy when she wakes up. So it's worth it.”

    However, the popstar admits he does have a bit of a secret weapon:

    "And I have a coffee machine which helps. Big time."

    41-year-old Pete and his 24-year-old fiancé Emily MacDonagh welcomed baby Amelia into their family back in January.
    Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh's daughter Amelia. Copyright [OK!]

    However, it’s no wonder Pete is feeling tired as he is also working on his new album – talk about doing two jobs at once!

    "The album is fun, fun, fun," he told the paper.

    "I'm doing an album that's completely different to anything I've done before. I'm doing blues, swing , jazz - all the stuff I love.”

    "There's no dancing, no gimmicks, it's just

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  • Luisa Zissman Says Sex Addiction Doesn't Exist

    The ex-Apprentice sauce-pot reckons you can 'never have enough sex'

    Sounds pretty tiring to us.

    Luisa Zissman has been talking filth again. Copyright: [Splash]

    However, Luisa Zissman reckons you can never have enough sex.


    Apologies to any of those eating.

    Yep, the Apprentice sauce-pot has come out with all kinds of filth talk in today’s papers, spilling her guts on her bedroom antics.

    Standard Zissman then, eh?

    And on Easter Sunday of all days, would Jesus really have wanted this?

     “I think I do have a higher than average sex drive but It wasn’t like I was leaving the office a million times a day to go and have sex.”

    Luisa Zissman reckons sex addiction doesn't exist. Copyright [FameFlynet]

    And “average” is?

    “Some couples don’t even do it twice a week,” says Luisa. “If I’m in a relationship I’m doing it twice a day – morning and night. I think that’s normal.”

    So does the 27-year-old consider herself a ‘sex addict’? Far from.

    “I honestly don’t know if there is such a thing as being a sex addict,” she says.

    “I think famous people like Russell Brand and Michael Douglas think it’s cool to be a sex addict. But is there really anything wrong with having too much sex? I don’t think so.”

    Pretty sure

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  • Peaches Geldof's Funeral: Bob Geldof Plans To Mention Paula Yates In His Eulogy

    Sister Pixie is also expected to speak

    It’s her funeral tomorrow on Easter Monday.

    Peaches Geldof died suddenly aged just 25. Copyright [REX]

    And Peaches Geldof’s Dad Bob Geldof is expected to pay tribute to his daughter in a eulogy which will mention her late mother, Paula Yates.

    In words that echo those spoken at Peaches’ wedding to Thomas Cohen just under two years ago, Bob is believed to be planning to liken his daughter to her tragic Mum who died in 2000.

    Sources close to the family have revealed to the Sun on Sunday that he will say she was a “wonderful daughter, wife and mother”.

    “Bob wants his eulogy to echo his praise of her at her wedding,” the source added.

    Peaches’ sister Pixie is also believed to be planning to say some words at the private service whch is to be held at the same church the presenter married in.

    “Pixie also wants to say a few words if she feels able. But she has asked that this is left open in case she is too upset to speak,” the source said.

    Pixie Geldof wants to speak at her sister's funeral. Copyright: [PA]

    Bono, Annie Lennox and Jools Holland are expected to be among the mourners at St Mary Magdalene and St Lawrence Church

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  • Miley Cyrus Postpones Her US Tour Due To Sickness

    Her 'Bangerz' tour won't begin again until August 1st, as it emerges she could stay in hospital for 27 days.

    Well it looks like the line ‘We Can’t Stop’ may have been a little premature.

    Miley's feeling poorly. Copyright: [Instagram]

    Miley Cyrus is having to postpone her US tour, after her recovery from an allergic reaction to antibiotics has taken longer than her management anticipated.

    Poor Miley!

    The oral fixator will have to wait until August 1st to resume her US shows, but will still be perfoming in Europe this Summer.

    The singer won't return to live US shows until August 1st. Copyright: [Rex]

    The ‘We Can’t Stop’ songstress proved that she definitely could stop earlier this week – becoming hospitalized and cancelling several shows due to an "extreme allergic reaction" after contracting a sinus infection.


    Now it seems that the 21-year old is getting pretty tetchy, and has got a major case of FOMO:

    Hospitals do get a bit sucky, to be fair.

    The singer issued a statement on the 17th April, hoping to quash any speculation

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