• Zayn Malik Feels Up A Feline Friend

    The 1D fitty knows how to handle his pussycat

    Now that is one lucky cat.

    Zayn Malik found something cute and fluffy to play with last night. Copyright: [Twitter]

    Zayn Malik took a well earned rest from being an international fitty last night and partied with a whole host of celebs at the Asian Awards in London.

    Our second favourite member of One Direction (there is an order people, and you will respect it) shocked the Twittersphere by posting some candid snaps -  showing off a new woman in his life.

    Don’t panic guys, ‘Zerrie’ are STILL a thing!

    No, the new lady was this VERY large cat, (identity unknown as of yet) who got in a steamy clinch with the ‘Little Things’ hitmaker at Grosvenor House.

    Sounds like a PURRRFECT moment if you ask us. HA HA.

    Clearly, words weren’t enough to describe the relationship these two love birds had, and Zayn was left literally speechless, only able to type a flustered ‘!!!’ into his keypad.

    The Little Mix superfan also hung out with his new best pal Naughty Boy, aka Shahid Khan, who was ‘jamming’ in the studio with

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  • Posh Wants A 'Horse-Themed' Birthday?

    The former Spice Girl has re-discovered her love of horses, and wants LOADS for her birthday.

    We can promise we’re not going to make any ‘Why the long face’ jokes here.

    Victoria loves to do a bit of 'horse-ing around' Copyright: [Rex]

    Victoria Beckham is looking forward to celebrating her 40th birthday this year – by celebrating with a horse theme.

    Posh has  a new found love of strong and sturdy studs it seems – and no, we’re not talking about David – and she’s very eager to incorporate anything remotely equine into her big day.

    We just worry about the catering – hopefully there’ll be more than just All Bran and sugarlumps.

    The 39-year old has apparently taken up horse riding in LA -  inbetween designing expensive clothes and watching Peppa Pig with Harper, the renowned apologist for frowning likes to take in a canter in the Hollywood Hills.

    Maybe Victoria had something like this in mind? Copyright: [Splash]

    The Mirror was told that she’s been trotting hard for a few months now:

    "Victoria went riding properly for the first time a couple of years ago and loved it. But over the past few months she has stepped things up a notch and got really good.

    Obviously, she can't keep a horse in her back garden in west

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  • Lily Allen Poses Next To Her Friend's Crotch - Naturally

    The singer posted a 'kooky' snap to Instagram this week

    There is just way too much going on in this image and we can’t even handle it

    Lily's been posting some mad pictures of late. Copyright: [Instgram]

    Lily Allen has posted some...er... ‘provocative’ snaps to Instagram.

    In her unending quest to prove that she’s – to quote Mean Girls, ‘a cool Mom’ – the twenty eight-year-old posted a photo of herself all up in her mate’s crotch.

    As you do.

    In the artsy shot, her friend is going for the ‘boozy night out in Romford’ look, sitting proudly with her legs astride.

    Which by the way, we shot-gunned as OUR look about five years ago

    Lily clearly wanted in on this, so naturally did what we’d all do –  gatecrashed her mate’s downstairs area and draped her hair extensions around her face.

    But wait people, this is high fashion photography.

    Lily Allen has been showing off her new look recently. Copyright [Getty]

    Well, maybe.

    The ‘Air Balloon’ songstress seemed to claim the whole ‘barnet in your best mates bits’ look is part of a wider fashion trend:

    “@harriet_verney with one of my extensions tucked in her pants #femdi #trend #fashion,”

    However, not everyone seemed entirely on board with this

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  • Alesha Dixon Opens Up About Being A Mum

    Britain's Got Talent judge reveals she's 'loving' being a mum, and is still protective over Simon Cowell

    Maybe if she adopts us we could become the fourth member of Mis-Teeq?

    Alesha Dixon has opened up about becoming a mum for the first time, and it seems like she’s blooming well loving it.

    Alesha Dixon has opened up about motherhood. Copyright [ITV]

    The Britain’s Got Talent judge has been combining gearing up for the upcoming shows with raising her RIDICULOUSLY cute daughter, Azura.

    However, the 35-year-old admitted that her transformation from cackling queen of UK garage to doting mother was the last thing she was expecting

    Speaking to The Sun On Sunday’s Fabulous magazine, the ‘Boy Does Nothing’ lyrical maestro said:

    ‘I was never the most maternal one of my friends, but I’ve surprised myself with how much I love being a mum’.

    Alesha Dixon spoke to Fabulous about being a mum, and protecting Simon Cowell. Copyright: [Fabulous/Mark Hayman]

    Seriously, how would you feel about adopting us? You’ve got one already, and we’re totes potty trained and everything, so it wouldn’t be a hassle – we promise.

    As well as revealing a softer side to singer, it seems like motherhood has also brought out another more sinister side to the reigning queen of TV talent shows

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  • He first appeared on the air crying “I’m telling you!” and it looks like he did just that.
    Jermain Jackman has won The Voice UK series 3 [Copyright: BBC]
    Jermain Jackman has been named winner of The Voice UK series 3. The silky voiced 19-year-old from Hackney will now be putting his dream of becoming Prime Minister on hold for a £100,000 recording contract with Universal Republic. We’re hoping fame doesn’t change him, or at least that he considers wearing braces forever because he looks adorable with them (his first album could be called Jermain’s Silver Smile… WELL WE’D BUY IT). Huge congratulations to Jermain, though it was never a clear cut race! The Team will.i.am singer faced some stiff competition - especially from the two power house vocalists: Christina Marie and Sally Barker. Catch up on the big win, the best moments, and few bits you may have missed in our list below!

    1. First of all Kylie. Looked. GORGEOUS. She clearly saved her best dress for last.
    We like to think Kylie had this dress tucked away with a note reading 'Final Frock' on it [Copyright: BBC]

    2. Bookies favourite Christina Marie opened the show with an appropriately ‘lighters in

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  • She's was one of X Factor 2012's break-out stars.

    Ella Henderson showed off her sweet side in a girly outfit.

    And Ella Henderson proved that she's still our girl crush as she launched the campaign for her new single on Friday - looking like a serious cutie!

    The 18-year-old looked a far cry from her talent show days, showing how she puts her own spin on girly style which is AMAZE.

    [ Rihanna Set For X Factor Judging Role As 'Shock Selection' By Simon Cowell And Cheryl Cole ]

    [ 1D's Harry Styles Reveals X Factor In Simon Cowell And Cheryl Cole's Working Relationship ]

    The up-and-comer wore her trademark mane of blonde hair in curls and paired black skinnies with a bright pink top... reminding us that she's, like, the sweetest girl in pop, yeah?

    Ella Henderson debuted the launch campaign for her brand new single.

    But Ella wasn't just floating around London looking like a cutie pie, she was tending to the very serious business of getting her single, Ghost, launched.

    The star posed alongside a new piece of artwork created as part of a digital campaign in the run up to the big launch.

    Ella admitted that she wanted to

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  • He was caught bang to rights on Thursday.

    James Franco admitted that he was embarrassed after his Instagram messages went public. Copyright [ABC]

    And now James Franco has spoken out about hitting on a 17-year-old girl on Instagram - admitting that it WASN'T a PR stunt that he is just... bit of a douche.

    The A-lister admitted that he was left red-faced when Lucy Clode made the stream of flirty messages public, after he offered to rent out a hotel room next to where she was staying with her mother.

    [ James Franco 'Hits On' Teenage Schoolgirl In Series Of Instagram Messages ]

    [ Lady Gaga Celebrates 28th Birthday at James Franco's Broadway Show ]

    Speaking on Live With Kelly And Michael, he said: "I'm embarrassed and I guess I'm just a model of how social media is tricky."

    Yeah, little bit, James.
    James Franco started questioning Lucy when she tagged him on instagram. Copyright [Instagram]

    James Franco sent more probing questions via Instagram. Copyright [Instagram]

    He continued: "It's the way that people meet each other today, but what I've learned- I guess because I'm new to it- is you don't know who's on the other end."

    Well, you did - a 17-year-old, blonde schoolgirl.

    James added: "You get a feel for them, you don't know who you're talking to. I used bad

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  • Bruce Forsyth Quits Strictly Come Dancing After A Decade - Who Should Replace Him?

    Will it ever be the same without the TV legend?!

    He's been the (slightly wrinkly) face of the show for 10 years.

    Bruce Forsyth has stepped down from Strictly Come Dancing. Copyright [BBC]

    But now Bruce Forsyth has revealed that he's stepping down from his role on Strictly Come Dancing after a staggering 11 series'.

    The 86-year-old announced the sad, sad news in a statement on Friday - prompting a nation to ask 'will it EVER be the same without him?!'

    [ Susanna Reid 'not prepared' to give up dancing despite it 'contributing' to relationship split - EXCLUSIVE ]

    [ Susanna Reid posts sultry snap after 'crisis talks' with ex following split ]

    Brucie said: "After 10 wonderful years and 11 series, I believe it is now the right time to step down from the rigours of presenting the Strictly live shows.

    Sir Bruce Forsyth is not retiring from showbiz quite yet though, folks! Copyright [PA]

    "I am very proud of what the show has achieved and confident it will entertain the nation for many years to come."

    But, fear not, Brucie went on to reveal that he WILL be back on the dancefloor for the Strictly specials... THANK THE GOOD LORD.

    He continued: "I am also delighted that by presenting the Christmas and

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  • Kylie Minogue Never Gets Chatted Up And Asks Her Team To Find Her Dates

    Well there's no hope for us then...

    She's a practically perfect pop princess with a killer bod and amazing songs.

    Kylie Minogue admitted that she never gets chatted up by guys. Copyright [BBC]

    But it seems that Kylie Minogue, 45, struggles in the man department as much as the next girl (us)... admitting that she finds it hard to get dates.

    The star dropped this pretty unbelievable bombshell as she chatted to Graham Norton on his BBC show, insisting that she NEVER gets chatted up. Seriously.

    [ Kylie Minogue Admits To Crying Herself To Sleep Every Night After Andres Velencoso Split ]

    [ Kylie Minogue Obessed With Her Looks And Career Says New Biography ]

    Giving us the major fear (there's literally no hope for us if even Kylie's not getting asked out) she revealed that 'not many' men approach her, when quizzed by Graham.

    Kylie Minogue has admitted to crying herself to sleep after split from Andres Velencoso. Copyright [Wenn]

    But it seems that the newly-single star, who recently split form Andrés Velencoso, has other ways of bagging herself blokes, admitting that she used her team to help set her up. Like her style.

    She said: "I have a team, my people, and there are a few whispers down the corridor and

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  • Divergent’s Theo James: ‘The Next R-Patz? More Like The Next Clooney!’ - EXCLUSIVE

    The British actor talks Robert Pattinson comparisons while co-star Shailene Woodley admits Jennifer Lawrence gave her advice about the role

    He’s set to become the object of many a teenage girl’s desires as he stars in Divergent – tipped as the next big franchise following The Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games.

    But British actor Theo James, 29, doesn’t reckon he’s the next Robert Pattinson or Josh Hutcherson and insists he’s more like George Clooney.

    Theo James *swoon* reckons he's the new Clooney [Rex] Speaking to Yahoo Celebrity at the launch of the film – in which he stars alongside Clooney’s former co-star Shailene Woodley – he told us he isn’t aware of the hype surrounding him.

    “I hadn’t really heard that [comparison] before,” he tells us in the video above.

    Theo James seems to smile A LOT more than R-Patz [Rex] “I’d heard Brad Pitt, Clooney! No, I’m kidding,” before Shailene quipped in, “Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp…”

    “I think inevitably there is because he’s a Brit and we’ve both got brown hair,” he admits.

    His 22-year-old co-star Shailene Woodley stars as the female protagonist Beatrice Prior in the film adaptation of the Veronica Roth book.

    She’s constantly being compared to Jennifer Lawrence because they’re both opinionated

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