• His biggest hit was called No Regrets.
    Dappy has a hashtag tattoo on his face. Copyright [Twitter]
    So here's to hoping that Dappy sticks to that mantra after deciding to get a hashtag tattooed on his face.

    This could possibly be the biggest hashtag fail since #susanalbumparty trended.

    The 26-year-old Twitter obsessive shared a close-up picture of the tattoo on, you guessed it, Twitter, explaining the reason why he decided have a hashtag permanently etched underneath his eye.

    He wrote: “The And by the way, the reason I got a # Tatted on my FACE was simply 2 make sure IT stays trending 4 ever ”

    Unfortunately, poor Dappy clearly isn’t aware that his foolproof plan has one major flaw meaning he may not be trending for eternity after all.
    Dappy wants to be trending forever. Copyright [Getty]
    Twitter announced last month that they intend to get rid of the # on Twitter altogether, which is used to help users search for highly talked about topics.

    [Dappy charged over alleged assualt]
    [Dappy and Lusia Zissman confess their undying love one another]
    [Tulisa supports cousin Dappy at the Celebrity Big Brother final]

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  • Michael Fassbender Dating Naomi Campbell, Devastation Hits Us Hard

    12 Years A Slave actor spotted kissing the supermodel, our Tumblr Imagines have gone out the window

    As if things couldn't get any worse than him already not being our boyfriend.

    Michael Fassbender and Naomi Campbell are apparently dating. Copyright (Splash)

    Michael Fassbender has broken our hearts after apparently being spotted snogging Naomi Campbell.

    So not only are we not swapping spit him on a daily basis, he's instead doing the pants dance with a ruddy supermodel.

    According to The Sun (damn them, DAMN THEM TO HELL), the pair were spotted kissing at club Coya in Mayfair last week.

    A spy claimed to see the couple cordoned off in a 'VIP area' and were totally sucking face in front of the rest of the club.
    Naomi Campbell was reportedly overheard talking about a date. Copyright [Wenn]
    Apparently, Naomi had spent the earlier part of the evening at a separate fashion event, where she was overheard telling pals about her date later that evening.

    Michael was thought to be dating his 12 Years A Slave co-star, Lupita Nyong'o, although clearly not any more.

    More recent rumours suggest he's been spending plenty of time with model Madalina Diana Ghenea, we can't TAKE ANY MORE OF THIS.
    Michael Fassbender has devastated the nation's women. Copyright [Wenn]
    Meanwhile, one of our Facebook friends claims to see him every day at

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  • Michelle Heaton’s 5-Week-Old Son Rushed To Hospital With Suspected Meningitis

    Liberty X Star took to Twitter to reveal the worrying news

    It’s every new parent's worst nightmare.
    Michelle Heaton was forced to rush her 5-week-old son Aaron to hospital. Copyright [Wenn/OK!]
    Michelle Heaton has revealed that she was forced to rush her 5-week-old son to hospital with suspected Meningitis.

    The 34-year-old mum of two took to Twitter to inform fans that she and husband Hugh Hanley had taken Arron, who was born on February 28, to hospital over the weekend.

    She wrote: “The last 24 hours has been the worst and scariest in my life.. With Everything I've been through mentally and physically nothing.. I mean ..

    “..nothing compares to that of when your baby is sick. Our beautiful baby boy has been very looked after in hospital after being diagnosed..
    Michelle Heaton with her newborn baby boy Aaron Jay. Copyright [OK!]
    “...with viral meningitis.. And reflux disease just to top it off. He's fighting strong & taking the antibiotics well so far.. But at only...

    “...5 weeks old one can only imagine our @hughhanley distress as parents. He's very sick and in pain with the reflux. The hospital are ...

    “... amazing and he's well looked after.. Hopefully we will be able to take our little man home soon.. I'm

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  • Lily Allen Posts Near-Naked Picture On Instagram, Thank God For Laptops

    Star not feeling The Fear as she stripped off ahead of gig

    It would seem there’s not much she won’t Instagram.
    Lily Allen posted this near naked picture on Instagram. Copyright [Instagram]
    Hot off the heels of posting a picture of her wee on the side of the road, Lily Allen has shared a near-naked picture of herself online.

    The 28-year-old singer uploaded a shot taken by a friend as she changed for a gig – donning a pair of knickers and not much else.

    Luckily, Lily’s hair and laptop were on hand to protect her modesty.

    [Lily Allen posts picture of herself next to her friend's crotch]

    [Lily Allen wees in the road then Instagrams it]

    She captioned the shot: “Warming up in my pants, luckily @panosphair is there to document these dressing room moments.”

    Followers of the star, however, were divided as to whether Lily’s naked snap was a step too far.
    Lily Allen dons a figure hugging catsuit. Copyright [Instagram]
    One wrote: “If Lily Allen is going to post pictures like that, she needs to stop using Instagram, and get a Facebook. It's obscene. Kids use Instagram, and they do not want to see that!”

    However, another follower leapt to the singer’s defence, writing: “It’s always had kids on it. It's

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  • Kanye West ‘Begging’ Hollywood To Make Friends With Kim Kardashian

    Apparently not everyone wants to keep up with this Kardashian

    Sounds like he’s got quite the task on his hands.
    Kanye West is reportedly begging for Hollywood's elite to accept Kim Kardashian. Copyright [Rex]
    Kanye West is reportedly begging Hollywood’s bigwigs to allow his fiancée Kim Kardashian into their inner circle.

    Unfortunately for the 36-year-old rapper, so far no one is giving in to allow the 33-year-old reality star access to exclusive social events and executive meetings.

    Why ever not?


    RadarOnline reports that while Kanye is respected by his peers, Kim is a different kettle of fish.

    A source told the site: “Kanye is begging people to invite Kim to events or meetings with the cream of the crop in Hollywood, but so many people are refusing.

    “He’s a serious star that people really respect, especially as a business man, but they want nothing to do with Kim.”


    Despite making it onto the cover of Vogue last month, Kim has been struggling to make it into the big leagues – with the site claiming that she was snubbed a place on the guest list at this year’s Vanity Fair post-Oscars party.
    Kris Jenner is an even bigger problem than Kim Kardashian. Copyright [Splash]
    “Kim’s camp had made inquiries to the Vanity Fair

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  • Kerry Katona Gives Birth To Fifth Child, A ‘Beautiful’ Baby Girl

    Atomic Kitten star welcomes first child with fiancé George Kay

    She recently tweeted about her growing impatience with her pregnancy.
    Kerry Katona has given birth to a baby girl. Copyright [Twitter]
    But on Friday night the wait for her fifth child was finally over for Kerry Katona, who has given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

    The 33-year-old Atomic Kitten singer’s fiancé George Kay took to Twitter to reveal the news, tweeting: "Thank you for bringing my beautiful daughter into this world last night! You are both amazing (sic)."

    Kerry is already mum to Molly, 12 and Lilly-Sue, 11, with her first husband, Brian McFadden, and Heidi, seven, and Max, five, with second husband, Mark Croft.

    The singer’s bandmates were also quick to tweet their congratualtions with Liz McClarnon writing: "Well I'm in love, baby Katona/Kay is perfect.

    "I met her finally last night. Well done @KerryKatona7 & @mrgajkay xxxxxxxxxx (sic)."
    George Kay revealed the happy news on Twitter. Copyright [Twitter]
    Natasha Hamilton added: "And a huge congrats to @KerryKatona7 & @mrgsjkay on the arrival of their baby girl. Can't wait to get back to uk and get some cuddles xxx (sic)."

    Kerry had previously taken to Twitter

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  • Alesha Dixon 'Being Considered' For X Factor Judging Panel

    Simon Cowell is reportedly a 'big fan' of the BGT judge

    She’s already busy juggling being a new Mum and a judge on Britain’s Got Talent.

    Alesha Dixon is being seriously considered reportedly. Copyright: [Wenn]

    But apparently Alesha Dixon has also been in talks to be the fourth judge on X Factor.

    Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, an insider said: "Alesha has been seriously considered as the fourth judge. She's part of the Syco family and Simon is a huge fan.”

    As is Cheryl Cole apparently: "Alesha would probably be up for doing it if she got the nod from Simon ... Cheryl and Alesha have always got on well so there are no problems there."

    However, so many people have now reportedly ‘been in talks’ for the role, we’re not even quite sure what it means anymore.

    Simon Cowell is reportedly a BIG fan. Copyright: [Wenn]

    Simon Cowell once asked us where the loo was at a party – does that mean we have pretty much been ‘in talks’ too?

    It also seems show bosses aren't completely sold on the idea because they don't want to split up the BGT panel - completed by Simon, David Walliams and Amanda Holden - who are seen as a solid foursome.

    The source added: "It's a very settled line-up

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  • Emma Willis Offered Hefty Pay Rise To Return To The Voice

    Show bosses are believed to be terrified that ITV will try and steal their host

    There is no doubt she pretty much made the series.

    Emma Willis has had a brilliant series. Copyright: [BBC]

    So we are hardly surprised to hear that the BBC are desperate to sign up Emma Willis for the next series of The Voice.

    They are even willing to pretty much double her pay for fear that ITV will snatch her with the offer of more dollar.

    A sneaky source told The Mirror: “The production team know they have a winning formula right now. Emma has been key to the success of this series.

    “They don't want to lose her to ITV so they will make her an offer she can't refuse.”

    Perhaps throw in Harry Styles? Now that would be an offer we certainly couldn’t refuse.
    Show bosses want both Marvin and Emma back. Copyright: [BBC]

    Show bosses are also said to be keen to re-sign her cohost, Marvin Humes, who has also done a pretty brilliant job this series.

    However, they could still be losing a Kylie Minogue, whose forthcoming tour clashes with the filming of the next series.

    Saying that, Kylie hasn’t ruled the show out entirely yet.

    She said in an interview on Graham Norton: “I don't know as of yet because I'm going on tour

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  • Aston Merrygold Inadvertently Gives Out Old Man's Phone Number On Twitter

    Pest controller Bill Phillips is no longer a JLS fan, that's for sure

    It was intended to be a bit of LOLz.

    Aston Merrygold gave out Bill Phillips' phone number accidentally. Copyright [SWNS]

    Oh Aston, what a giant #fail. Copyright: [Wenn]

    However, Aston Merrygold has found himself in a spot of bother after he inadvertently gave out an old man’s phone number on Twitter, prompting 4,000 nuisance phone calls.

    Saying it belonged to his JLS bandmate Oritse, Aston gave out what he thought was a totally made-up number. Sadly, made-up it was not.

    Oritse's fans have been sending countless texts to Bill. Copyright [SWNS]

    It actually belonged to a 65-year-old pest controller called Bill Phillips, who then received thousands of phone calls from hysterical JLS fans.

    Bill told The Sun: “I’ve had this number for 21 years and I use it for work. I know of one job its cost me.”

    He went on to say that many of the calls were from “crying” teenage girls who demanded to know why JLS split up.

    He added, “It’s made my life hell.”

    And theirs too, Bill.

    Aston performing with JLS. Copyright: [Splash]

    Aston's agent last night told the Sunday Mirror: "We're aware of it and are speaking to the individual involved to resolve the issue.

    "Aston is mortified and very sorry, he has wholeheartedly apologised.  It was an April Fools joke but it

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  • Sam Faiers Admits That TOWIE Feuds Caused Real Friction

    The reality star confirms she left for the sake of her rekindled relationship

    We are thinking spin-off show, perhaps?

    Joey Essex and Sam Faiers are totes loved up again. Copyright: [Twitter]

    Sam Faiers has confessed the real reason why she quit TOWIE for Joey Essex - because the storylines were causing friction between them.

    We knew it!

    Despite denying they were back together for what seems like FOREVER, the couple are finally back on and Sam has even admitted that she quit the show for the sake of her rekindled relationship.

    Speaking to The Mirror, the 23-year-old said: “It was Joey or the show and I chose Joey. I’ve spent time apart from him and I’ve spent time really ill.

    “I realise now what is important and that’s health, happiness and my love for him. It was hard to leave TOWIE but I’m not risking those things anymore.”


    Sam blames their last split on the show and is terrified that if they agreed to be filmed the same thing could happen all over again:

    She explains: “When you live out your relationship on a TV show, you lose sight of how much is real and how much is for the cameras.

    "That’s difficult. There was always someone

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