• Cheryl Cole CONFIRMS X Factor 2014 return (to the tune of £1.5 million)

    X Factor favourite has signed a deal to return for one series

    She’s been rumoured to come back every year since leaving in 2010.
    Cheryl Cole has confirmed her return to the X Factor. Copyright [Instagram]
    And now Cheryl Cole has finally confirmed that she will return to the X Factor 2014 for one series alongside Simon Cowell.

    Far. Too. Much. Excitement.

    The 30-year-old singer took to Instagram with her hands around her 54-year-old boss’ neck alongside the caption: “GUESS WHAT!!. I'm baaaacccckkkkk!!!! #iMayActuallyRingHisNeck #XFactor2014 #leggooo”

    Simon was quick to tweet about the Girls Aloud star’s return, who was the winning judge on two out her three years on the show.
    Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole were last seen together in 2011. Copyright [Rex]
    He wrote: “It's official. Cheryl is back. Be careful what you wish for!

    "Most importantly she is a brilliant judge of talent.”

    The signing comes after Simon heavily hinted that he was in talks to bring back Cheryl earlier this year – with the deal being done over the weekend.

    A source told the Daily Mirror: "The deal was done over the weekend. Simon is absolutely delighted to have her back on the judging panel."

    [Cheryl Cole demands to be the only woman judge

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  • Susanna Reid posts sultry snap after 'crisis talks' with ex following split

    The Strictly star has changed her image ahead of her big move to ITV

    It's been all-change in pretty much every aspect of her life.

    Susanna Reid posted some sultry new snaps of herself after a make-over. Copyright [Twitter]

    But it seems that Susanna Reid is trying to take everything in her stride, reportedly building bridges with estranged partner Dominic Cotton... as well as having a super glam make-over.

    She might be trying to deal with a broken heart, but the Strictly star clearly knows that the best way to get over an ex is to have a major image change.

    [ Susanna Reid defends her decision to move to ITV: I couldn’t turn it down ]

    [ Susanna Reid pulls out of work all week following split, announced as Good Morning Britain anchor ]

    And Susanna did just that on Monday, tweeting a snap of herself looking seriously sultry with bouffant hair and smoky eyes. Yeah, you might not want to look, Dom.

    Susanna Reid is trying to be friends with ex Dominic Cotton for the sake of their children. Copyright [Twitter]


    Looking pretty darn hot, the former BBC newsreader was clearly doing bit of Nigella to make her former hubbie as jealous as possible and we really don't blame her!

    She captioned the snap: "So, the brilliant @ChrisMannPhoto took some shots. This is one

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  • Louis Tomlinson shows off yet MORE new tattoos as his ink obsession continues

    The One Direction star has got an array of new inkings on his body

    They've got as many tattoos between them as hit singles (lots).

    Louis Tomlinson showed off his brand new arm tatts this week. Copyright [AKM-GSI ]

    And it seems that Louis Tomlinson is intent on covering his ENTIRE body with ink as he was spotted getting *more* body art this week.

    The One Direction star seemed to be following in Harry Styles' footsteps by getting as many odd symbols and pictures as possible on his arms - because they're proper hard, yeah?

    [ Harry Styles has become a ‘virtual stranger’ to One Direction band mates? ]

    [ Is Harry Styles planning to try his hand at acting? ]

    Sipping on a drink, Louis could be seen heading into the Shamrock Tattoo Parlour in West Hollywood, and later emerging with his new additions.

    He had his left arm completely wrapped in cellophane, having got a number of small tatts - which we're a *little* confused about.

    Louis Tomlinson already has an array of arm tattoos. Copyright [Rex]

    Louis reportedly got a big new inking of an arrow on his arm, next to a noughts and crosses board and a picture of Pac-Man.

    We're sure that all of these tatts have some deep personal meaning to the star... but we're

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  • Indisputable Evidence That Lily Allen’s ‘Our Time’ Video Is The Unofficial Sequel To Fight Club

    The first rule of Fight Club: Dress up as a hotdog, obviously.

    Lily Allen has made a new video and it's basically the unofficial sequel to Fight Club.
    Copyright [Youtube/Rex]
    Seriously, the parallels between the Brad Pitt punch em' up flick and ‘Our Time’ are truly uncanny.

    Lily starts her evening by getting into a taxi ahead of a night out in London.  So far, so normal.
    Lily Allen 'Our Time'. Copyright [Youtube]
    Things then take a novel turn as Lily picks up a number of familiar looking friends on the way.
    Lily Allen 'Our Time'. Copyright [Youtube]
    Are they real? Are they in her head? Is Lily exclusively friends with people who only bear a curious resemblance to her? So. Many. Questions.

    As the night draws rolls on, another Lily doppelganger -dressed as a hot dog - decides to get some chips after what looks like a heavy night of drinking.
    Lily Allen 'Our Time'. Copyright [Youtube]
    Hotdog Lily notices blonde hair with fringe Lily from the taxi and isn’t happy.
    Lily Allen 'Our Time'. Copyright [Youtube]
    Fuelled by rage and burger sauce, Hotdog Lily proceeds to steal blonde hair with fringe Lily’s phone before attacking her in the street.
    Lily Allen 'Our Time'. Copyright [Youtube]
    Like, seriously goes for it.
    Lily Allen 'Our Time'. Copyright [Youtube]
    Which looks a bit like this, really.
    Copyright [Rex]
    Only much, much deadlier.
    Lily Allen 'Our Time'. Copyright [Youtube]
    Lily fighting

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  • Justin Bieber is more arrogant and sarcastic than ever in footage from THAT deposition

    The young superstar showed his true colours in the newly-released video

    Let's be honest, he's not the most humble of stars.

    Justin Bieber was arrogant and smug during his formal hearing. Copyright [TMZ]

    But Justin Bieber's arrogance has plummeted to new depths this week, as he shows his true colours in a newly-released video. And it's not pretty, people.

    A video of THAT now infamous deposition has been released and let's just say, Biebs does NOT come across well.

    [ Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spotted together in Texas! Are things back on for the superstar couple? ]

    [ Justin Bieber deems Selena Gomez the ‘most elegant princess in the world’ ]

    The formal hearing, which was to discuss claims that Justin instructed his bodyguards to assault a photographer, descended into pure hilarity (for us).

    Acting like a seriously stroppy teen, Justin was basically rude and sarcastic to EVERY question he was asked by the photographer's lawyer.

    Justin Bieber refused to answer questions and was sarcastic. Copyright [TMZ]

    Obviously not wanting to be there, the footage shows the Biebs rudely snapping at pretty much everyone and refusing to answer any actual questions about the case.

    When the star is asked by the lawyer

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  • Kaz from Rough Copy kicked off X Factor tour after fight

    The band will complete the tour as a duo after the self proclaimed 'changed man' had a massive scrap backstage

    They are back to just a duo.

    Rough Copy are minus a Kaz. Copyright: [Wenn]

    Kaz from Rough Copy has been booted off the X Factor tour after getting in a fight backstage.

    It must have been some scrap for Rough Copy to find themselves actually minus a member!

    A show source told The Mirror: “There was trouble backstage, a bit of a scrap and a big row. Bosses decided Kazeem was to blame.”

    So now Rough Copy will finish the tour as a duo.

    Kaz famously nearly missed out on a place in the competition after he failed to get his Visa ready in time for Judges’ Houses.

    However, was allowed back in the band for the live shows after Gary Barlow intervened.

    We bet Gaz Baz is absolutely reeling at this latest news.

    Kaz recently said he was a “changed man” after admitting to being a bit of a bad boy in the past which culminated in him being charged with assault.

    Rough Copy on X Factor. Copyright [Rex]

    "I've done things I am not proud of. I haven't been an angel but I am a changed man now," he told the Daily Star.

    "It got physical and I did 250 hours' community service for that. I rode it out. Then

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  • There's nothing like a good old crying sesh to round off a series of KUWTK.

    Kim Kardashian's crying face got another outing on the KUWTK finale. Copyright [E!]

    And that's exactly what happened in the last episode this weekend, as Kim Kardashian and sister Kourtney staged a VERY EMOTIONAL intervention for Khloe - and yes, Kim's crying face DID feature.

    Clearly worried about the state of her toxic marriage with Lamar Odom, the sisters begged Khloe to see that she should call it a day and move on - while the cameras rolled, obvs.

    [ Jay Z refuses to be Kanye West's best man at wedding to Kim Kardashian unless his family is kept away from ANY reality television cameras? ]

    [ Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sign prenup: she'll receive $1 million for each year they're married ]

    And although it was Khloe's marriage that was in tatters, the entire family seemed to end up as emotional wrecks as the tears flowed. A lot.

    Kim and Kourtney sat Khloe down to talk about Lamar. Copyright [E!] Khloe Kardashian broke down in tears during the intervention. Copyright [E!]

    Kim and Kourtney sat Khloe down after paying her a visit, and pretty much told her that she needed to give on Lamar, telling her to 'face reality'.

    Kim said:

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  • Helen Flanagan on her strict vegan diet: I still eat the odd burger

    Despite proclaiming she is boycotting all animal products as part of her new diet Flanners say she still munches on burgers! Oh Helen...

    Oh Helen….

    Helen Flanagan is on a Vegan diet.. sort of. Copyright: [Fame Flynet]

    Helen Flanagan reckons she is a vegan who eats burgers.

    Quite honestly, we just despair sometimes.

    Despite proclaiming she is on a strictly vegan eating plan, Helen says she just can’t resist munching on meat every now and then.

    “I’ve been really, really good at times but it is hard,” she said of her new animal product-free diet to The Sun, before adding:

    “Every now and then I just need a burger! But I want to be good and I have been... more or less.”

    Hmm, we’re not sure burgers are EVER on the vegan menu, Hel.
    Helen Flanagan looked gorgeous in silver at the Manchester charity Mirror Ball at the weekend. Copyright: [FameFlynet]

    The former Corrie actress's diet plan was put together by her new health guru, Green Goddess Life nutritionist Mel Wells, with whom she also did a private yoga lesson last week.

    And Helen is hoping that the new eating programme will help her get down her target size six.

    “I keep drinking Green Goddess shakes. I’m a 6-8 now but I’ll be happy when I get down to a 6,” she told New! last week before adding she has even set herself a time limit.

    “It should take about two to three

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  • Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez twerk up a storm on night out

    The couple were filmed letting loose on a recent night out

    We already know these ladies enjoy a good time.
    Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez twerked the night away. Copyright [Instagram]
    And now a video has emerged online of exactly what Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez get up to on a night out: a whole lot of twerking.

    The couple was spotted partying at London hot spot Chinawhite last week, with a fan filming their escapades before uploading it onto Instagram.

    It’s been a whirwind romance for the two ladies who met earlier this year through mutual friends.
    Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez's relationship is going rather well. Copyright [Getty]
    Since then the two have barely been seen apart – with US based Michelle seemingly staying in London for the long haul.

    Cara, 21, recently opened up about her romance with the ‘Lost’ actress, admitting that she loves her.

    She said: “I love her, she’s great. She’s a very good friend of mine – she’s wonderful.”

    How sweet.

    [Cara Delevingne wanders round BAREFOOT, looks a right old mess]

    [Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne look a tad worse for wear at basketball match]

    Michelle, 35, clearly reciprocates the model’s feelings too, saying many a lovely thing about Cara.
    Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez have been partying a lot together. Copyright [Splash]

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  • Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman put on a rare PDA on the beach

    The normally super-private couple got very cosy on Miami Beach over the weekend

    Celebs at the beach alert!

    Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman were on Miami Beach. Copyright: [Splash]

    But firstly, Anne Hathaway, why oh why do you inisist on wearing everything but a bikini on the beach?

    We suppose she is protecting her skin and all that but surely a slathering of SPF10000 would have done the same job?

    It reminds us of when you used to get sunburned on holiday with your Mum and Dad and they would let you wear your t-shirt in the pool.

    Anne Hathaway's holiday look... Copyright: [Splash]

    However, Anne isn’t on holiday with her Ma and Pa rather her hubby Adam Shulman.

    And ol’ Adam didn’t seem in any put off by Anne’s less than beachy look, in fact he pretty much couldn’t keep his hands off his wife.

    Yep, it was PDA central on Miami Beach.

    Anna Hathaway and Adam Shulman put on a rare PDA. Copyright: [Splash]

    They pair didn’t even seem bothered by the waiting paps – which surprised us considering how private these two normally are.

    Anne, 31, and Adam, 32, were happy to be snapped cuddling up to each other in the surf and looked totally non plussed by any photographers.

    The cute pair are in Miami for the 31st Annual International Film Festival, which runs from March 7-16.

    Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman lock lips while they lounge around in Miami. Copyright: [Splash]


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