• Cher Might Be 67, But She's Still Getting Her Nipple Pasties Out For Us

    Could this be the best night out ever? We're starting to think so, thanks to Cher's AMAZING array of costumes

    It's not like it's something we haven't see before.

    But we still can't get over another look at Cher's nipple pasties a good 50 years since we first saw them.

    Cher might be 67, but that won't stop her getting topless on stage. Copyright (Wenn)

    Cher covered her nipples with sequined heart pasties. Copyright (Wenn)

    Cher happily flaunted her nearly-naked body on stage in Boston. Copyright (Wenn)

    Hitting the stage in Boston for her Dressed To Kill tour, the 67-year-old almost gave audience members a heart attack with her spunky costume.

    Sporting a nude bodysuit, fishnet tights and strands of diamonds flung across her VERY-exposed body, Cher topped the look off with red sequined nipple pasties. Brilliant.

    And that was just the start of it.

    The singer proceeded to spend the next few hours on stage in several incredible different outfit combos, including a Native American headress and one of Beyonce's former ensembles.

    Cher even went for a Native American headress and Beyonce's former ensemble. Copyright (Wenn)

    We actually have no idea what these Cher costumes are based on. Copyright (Wenn)

    A Cleopatra-inspired outfit also made an appearance, as well as some thigh-high black leather boots and a mesh catsuit - all with wigs to match.

    Each outfit was inspired by her many music videos - and despite some being initially worn over 25 years ago, Cher slipped back into them without hesitation.

    GO TEAM!

    Cher's costumes went from bad to worse... Copyright (Wenn)

    Cher took

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  • Ed Sheeran Hints That His New 'Cheating Girlfriend' Song IS About Ellie Goulding

    We love a good showbiz showdown...

    His latest track *seriously* disses an ex-girlfriend.

    Ed Sheeran 'confirm' new song is about Ellie. Copyright [MTV]

    And now Ed Sheeran has all but confirmed that it IS Ellie Goulding in the firing line...after rumours started circulating on Thursday... WE KNEW IT!

    The pop star admits that the new song, about how a former love slept with a friend of his, *isn't* about pal Taylor Swift but *is* about another singer that he's dated.

    [ Ed Sheeran's New 'Cheating Ex' Song Rumoured To Be About Ellie Goulding And Niall Horan ]

    [ Ellie Goulding Admits She's 'Single' And 'Doesn't Need A Guy' After Dougie Poynter Romance ]

    He told Rolling Stone magazine: "It’s 100 per cent not about Taylor. If you p*** Taylor off and she writes a song about you, it’s not good news. I’ve never dated Taylor. I’ve dated a few singers, though."

    While he might be keeping things cryptic when it comes to revealing the identity of the naughty girl in question... we're pretty darn sure that we've got it sussed.

    Niall Horan is reportedly the friend who got with Ellie. Copyright [Instagram]

    Ed added: "The last album was more young and dewy-eyed and innocent.

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  • Helen Flanagan Is Still Trying Desperately To Look Like Kim Kardashian Then...

    After having her make-up done by the Keeping Up With The Kardashians make-up artists, Flanners is getting a little too obsessed

    She's made no secret of her desire to look like Kim Kardashian.

    So we're hardly surprised that Helen Flanagan is still slowly, but surely, morphing into a Kardashian with the help of a Kardashian-trained make-up artist.

    Helen Flanagan appeared to have gone overboard with the bronzer and Kardashian-inspired contouring. Copyright (Flynet)

    Arriving for the Young Scott Awards in Glasgow, Flanners looked more like a contoured bronze statue than her usual bubbly self, plastered with layers of fake tan and foundation.

    Posing in a black jumpsuit - safety-pinned in place to keep her cleavage under wraps - the 23-year-old looked a little bit like a living doll as she smiled for the paps.

    Helen Flanagan and her sister attended the event in Glasgow together. Copyright (Flynet)

    Sporting huge fake lashes, Helen was under no illusions about how wild her eyes looked, tweeting a close-up and adding: "This is no filter, my eyes are like aliens."


    Helen recently discovered Sonia Ali, a make-up artist who attended Mario Dedivanovic's - Kim K's make-up artist - workshop and uses his contouring methods.

    Helen Flanagan uploads a new picture of her Kardashian make-up every day. Copyright (Instagram)

    Helen Flanagan reckons her eyes are like alien eyes. Copyright (Instagram)

    And having previously admitted to trying to look like Kim, it's hardly surprising that Helen's new make-up

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  • Minnie Driver Quits Twitter Over 'Cruel' Bikini Body Jibes

    The 44-year-old looks pretty AMAZE to us...

    She's always had one of the best bods in Hollywood.

    Minnie Driver has faced criticism over her bikini body. Copyright [Splash]

    But it seems that even A-listers get serious insecurities as Minnie Driver has succumbed to mean Twitter trolls and quit the social networking site. Booo.

    The 44-year-old admitted that she was sick of getting cruel jibes about her figure after bikini snaps of her hit the internet... and was bowing out.

    [ Beyonce Shares MORE Bikini-Clad Holiday Pics On Tumblr, Prepare To Scroll & Sob... ]

    [ Billie Faiers Shows Off her Growing Baby Bump And Super hot Bod In Green Bikini ]

    While we *really* can't understand how anyone could criticise Minnie's AMAZE bikini bod it seems that a series of nasty comments have scared her off Twitter.... which is shame because she was proper LOLs.


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  • Kylie Minogue Confirms That She's Quit The Voice After Just One Series

    No more spinny chair for the pop princess!

    She was the big name on this year's show.

    Kylie Minogue has confirmed that she's leaving The Voice *sadface*. Copyright [BBC]

    But Kylie Minogue has now confirmed that she WON'T be returning as a coach on next year's series of The Voice - and we're NOT HAPPY.

    The pop princess - who was by FAR the best thing about the programme - has announced that she won't be back in the red spinny chair as she's prioritising her tour. *Cryface*.

    [ Kylie Minogue Never Gets Chatted Up And Asks Her Team To Find Her Dates ]

    [ Kylie Minogue Admits To Crying Herself To Sleep Every Night After Andres Velencoso Split ]

    She wrote on her Facebook page: "Hi Lovers, thanks to all of you for your incredible support throughout this past season of 'The Voice UK'.

    "I’m sad to say that, due to the timing of my European tour, I won’t be back for Season 4. I absolutely loved my time on the show, and I’ll miss all of the incredible people who were a part of my experience.

    Kylie Minogue wants to concentrate on her tour and new album - so will NOT be back on the show. Copyright [REX]

    "I hope to see you all on my 'Kiss Me Once' tour, and wish continued success to everyone at 'The Voice'!"

    And now that the

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  • Kylie Jenner Hits Back At Plastic Surgery Claims, Makes A Pretty Good Point

    Kim Kardashian's little sister takes to Twitter to deny rumours that she's gone under the knife

    She's used to facing backlash from the public.

    But rumours that Kylie Jenner has had plastic surgery have gone one step too far for the 16-year-old, who has taken to Twitter to rant about the whole situation.

    Kylie Jenner's face looked a lot smoother thanks to some Instagram tricks - NOT surgery. Copyright (Kylie Jenner/Instagram)

    A report in Australian magazine claimed Kylie Jenner had had a nose job and lip fillers.

    After seeing claims that she had undergone a nose job, Botox and lip fillers in an Australian magazine, poor Kylie launched into a rant about the "insulting" reports.

    She tweeted: "These plastic surgery rumors hurt my feelings to be honest and are kinda insulting. Just in case anyone forgot... I'm 16."

    OK! Magazine in Australia claimed pictures uploaded on to Kylie's Instagram proved that her nose had been made narrower, that she'd had fillers to give her more of a pout and that brows looked too arched NOT to be Botoxed (bit random).

    When in actual fact, she was just wearing lipstick over the edge of her lips (standard Kardashian trick), had just had her brows plucked and had probs used some form of Instafilter to make her face look Photoshopped - or just raised the contrast.

    Kylie Jenner wears her lipstick line over her actual lips, a standard make-up trick. Copyright (Kylie Jenner/Instagram)


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  • Chris Martin Can't Stop Smiling As He Ditches Wedding Ring After Gwyneth Paltrow Split

    We're pretty sure he's winning this break-up

    It was reportedly him who wanted to go public with the break-up.

    Chris Martin ditched his wedding ring and looked all kinds of happy on Thursday. Copyright [Rex]

    And Chris Martin seemed to be making some kind of statement on Thursday as he actually DITCHED his wedding ring for his first public appearance since splitting from Gwyneth Paltrow.

    All feeling a *little* bit awks - the Coldplay singer looked uncharacteristically bubbly and smiley... rubbing it in, much!

    [ Gwyneth Paltrow Joining Chris Martin On Tour So He Can See Their Kids? ]

    [ Chris Martin Described As The Only Thing That Made Gwyneth Paltrow ‘Bearable’ By Friends ]

    Clearly wanting to 'win' the break-up (don't we all) Chris plastered on his happy face as he took to the stage at the Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony in NYC.

    And the Brit rocker seemed like a whole new man, ditching his usual cool and calm persona and becoming one *seriously* happy bunny.

    Chris Martin is pretty much the smiliest we've ever seen him. Copyright [REX]Chris Martin made a point of NOT wearing his ring at the awards. Copyright [REX]

    Even though they're not actually divorced yet, Chris couldn't make it any more clear that things were well and truly over between him and Gwynnie by

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  • Beyonce Has Clearly NOT Photoshopped a 'Thigh Gap' On To Herself, CALM DOWN

    The Drunk In Love singer faces backlash from people who can't understand the way that grass grows

    Another day, another Photoshop accusation flying around gossip blogs.

    But this time we're going to stand firm and say that Beyonce has clearly NOT Photoshopped her own thighs.

    Beyonce has been accused of Photoshopping a thigh gap on to her own images. Copyright (Beyonce/Tumblr)


    The Drunk In Love singer has been accused of giving herself a 'highly-sought-after' (lolz) thigh gap in her latest Tumblr bikini pictures.

    After sharing the snaps from her latest holiday, Bey's bikini golf snap caused a flurry of comments from users claiming the indentation on the inside of her left thigh meant she had clearly spent hours making herself look thinner (or paid someone else to).

    Upon closer inspection, Beyonce clearly has NOT Photoshopped her own thighs. Copyright (Beyonce/Tumblr)

    But, frankly, our thighs have an indentation at the top too (don't make us prove this), it's sort of part and parcel of having fat on your thighs LIKE ALL WOMEN DO.

    Any good selfie taker will tell you that pushing your hips back in front of the mirror gives you thinner thighs, it's a standard bikini selfie trick (soz, we've had to rumble that).

    And seeing as Bey is bending forward and half squatting, we'd say

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  • Peaches Geldof Was Found Dead With Baby Son Phaedra By Her Side

    Her husband raised the alarm when she didn't answer her phone

    She was tragically found dead on Monday morning.

    Peaches Geldof was discovered dead with baby Phaedra by her side. Copyright [Instagram]

    And now it's been revealed that Peaches Geldof's 11-month-old son Phaedra was actually WITH her when she passed away.

    The little one was found playing close to his mum when the star's body was discovered after her husband Thomas Cohen raised the alarm after frantically trying to call the house.

    [ Peaches Geldof 'May Have Had Eating Disorder' Before Death Claims Doctor ]

    [ Peaches Geldof Admitted She Had 'Heart Of A 90-Year-Old Gangster' After Health Scare ]

    The sad situation bizarrely mirrors the death of her mother Paula Yates back in 2000 - who was found dead with her four-year-old daughter Tiger Lily playing beside her.

    According to The Sun, musician Thomas had spent the night away from their Kent home with their eldest son, Astala, but became panicked when he couldn't reach her by phone.

    He then asked a friend who lives close by to go and check on her after getting seriously worried, who then immediately called the police.

    Thomas Cohen raised the alarm when he couldn't reach Peaches by phone. Copyright [REX]

    A source

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  • Rihanna Shows Off Her Cheeky Side As She Strips Down For Nearly Naked Shoot

    She ditched the bikini bottoms *averts eyes*

    We all know that she loves to be as risqué as possible.

    Rihanna lost her bikini bottoms for her latest shoot - ooh-er!. Copyright [Chiva/INFphoto.com]

    But Rihanna took it to a whole new level on Wednesday as she ditched the bikini bottoms for a *very* raunchy shoot.

    Seeming bizarrely confident, the 26-year-old was pretty much naked as she wondered around a set in Hollywood leaving literally nothing to the imagination.

    [ Just Friends? Rihanna And Drake Fuel Dating Rumours As They Leave London Club Together At 5am ]

    [ Rihanna Cheers On 'Boyfriend' Drake From Audience At First London Tour Show ]

    In true Rhi Rhi style, she ramped up the sex factor, like, A LOT, as she writhed around on the floor while a photographer snapped away.

    And while the pop superstar was wearing a scrap of material as a top, she went *ahem* commando on the bottom.

    Rihanna left *seriously* nothing to the imagination during the shoot. Copyright [Chiva/INFphoto.com]

    But while most people would feel a *little* embarrassed about having to walk around half naked in front of a bunch of strangers... Rihanna seemed unfazed.

    Even when a man squirted her bottom with water halfway through the shoot, ol Rhi didn't bat

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