The Apprentice winner Ricky Martin reckons Lord Alan Sugar would make a good wrestler

We've got visions of Lord Sugar in tight pants and a cape thanks to Apprentice winner Ricky Martin.

The Apprentice winner, Ricky Martin, Alan SugarThe Apprentice winner Ricky Martin with Alan Sugar. Copyright [BBC/Boundless]

Ricky Martin was crowned winner of The Apprentice 2012 on Sunday night's show, beating fellow finalists Jade Nash, Nick Holzherr and Tom Gearing to win a £250,000 investment.

The 26-year-old recruitment manager also gained a new business partner in the shape of Lord Alan Sugar, and he had praise indeed for the business mogul.

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The Apprentice winner, whose hobbies include wrestling, told the Sun: "Lord Sugar would make a good wrestler — successful, hard-hitting, straight to the point."

Cue Lord Sugar in a cape and pants daydreams. We just can't get that picture out of our heads now.

The Apprentice winner, Ricky MartinThe Apprentice winner Ricky Martin with finalists Jade, Tom and Nick. Copyright [BBC/Boundless]

Since winning The Apprentice Ricky Martin, or Ricky Hype as he was known in the wrestling ring, has revealed he's given up wrestling as he hasn't got time now.

Ricky Martin added: "I'll miss wrestling, it's helped me to read people and get the best out of them. But I'm a businessman, not a showman."

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If only his business plan had been Lord Sugar wrestling related rather than a recruitment company, Ricky Martin could have got his own spin-off TV show out of that.