Apprentice: Michael fired but Nick Hewer’s hairnet stole the show

Young Apprentice runner-up James McCullagh exclusively has his say on Apprentice 2012, Episode 3 for Yahoo! omg!

Move over Gok Wan, Nick Hewer's in town.

Normally I write about how much I love the candidates, hate their ideas and all the silly things they do. But that would just be unfair this on this week's Apprentice - because one man clearly stole the show. Nick Hewer. And now I'm going to talk about how great I think Nick is.

When I was on The Apprentice, I always loved when Nick was following our team. He would note down absolutely everything that was said - but he was also a great guy. He gave great feedback in the boardroom and is still only a phonecall away if I need any advice.

This week we saw Nick in a hairnet. This was one of the best moments of my life. He pulled it off- like only Nick Hewer could. When Dot Cotton wears a hairnet it's not cool, not cool at all, but when Nick Hewer wears a hairnet- suddenly it looks cool. The new fashion accessory. Oxford Street will be sold out of hairnets within a few hours. GO.NOW. Stop reading this article and run to buy a hairnet before it's too late. Then every Wednesday night wear your hairnet when you're watching The Apprentice.

It was all about Nick Hewers hairnet on tonight's Apprentice

Nick also came out with some brilliant one-liners. When he said one of the teams' sauce was a "dangerous and poisonous concoction" I nearly fell off my seat laughing. Nick could stay quiet for half an hour in the boardroom, and then come out with a line that would just cut through what everyone else has said- he's a really intelligent man and you can't get past him if you're lying. (Not that I ever did such a thing.)

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THEN to top off his already top notch performance in tonight's Apprentice we were shown next weeks clip. Nick is wearing sunglasses. Not just any old sunglasses. But retro looking green sunglasses- they could even be Raybans (other sunglasses are available).

So Nick's wit and fashion sense really made tonight's episode for me.

Michael was fired too. But who really cares?