The Apprentice: Meet the candidates, the hot men that is!

The Apprentice is set to take over our Wednesday nights for the foreseeable future and while Lord Alan Sugar's candidates of 2012 compete to be the last man or woman standing in the boardroom omg! have a different take on things…


We'll be watching not just to feel somewhat intimidated by the sell-your-Granny to make money approach of certain candidates and admiring some strong business accruement we're also rather shallowly lusting after a few of the men.

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Allow us to introduce you to your Apprentice crushes:

The Apprentice Tom Gearing
Is this man, Tom Gearing really a candidate? He belongs on the pages of omg! He's got that sultry stare perfected already, the subtle stubble and slightly open pout were surely designed to get the female fans going.

The Apprentice candidates Tom Gearing Duane BryanThe Apprentice candidates Tom Gearing Duane Bryan /BBC Pictures

The Apprentice Duane Bryan
Duane Bryan appears to be super confident what with his poise and titled head. But we know we should be interested in his business skills (which we are) but we'll get to that once we've stopped staring at THAT pout, Angelina Jolie eat your heart out.

The Apprentice Nick Holzherr
Nick Holzherr looks like he should still be at college that or in a band strumming his stuff on a guitar. It's certainly something to do with that long hair. But looks can of course be deceiving and we're sure he's secretly a savvy businessman, but a hot one at it.

The Apprentice candidates Azhar Siddique and Nick Holzherr /BBC PicturesThe Apprentice candidates Azhar Siddique and Nick Holzherr /BBC Pictures

The Apprentice Azhar Siddique

We can certainly see something in Azhar Siddique's deep brown eyes! Is it pound signs? Or is it a longing to be lust after. Well, we can definitely sort the latter out. Stood in a sharp suit and with a strong stare we're already getting excited for this candidate.