Apprentice: Episode 3 review (Harry Maxwell style)

Young Apprentice semi-finalists sums up this week's Apprentice Episode 3 in his exclusive review for Yahoo! omg!

The Apprentice is BAQUE for another Wednesday night. (Yes I know how to spell "back" but I thought I'd be edgy with my spelling... *awkward*)

Anyway, episode 3 and we see a blonde from Northampton losing the first three tasks. omg! I'm back on The Apprentice? I DID NOT GET THIS MEMO. Oops... That's because it wasn't me. This likeliness between my female counter-part Katie Wright and I is kinda giving me the creeps...

Anyhow, Gabrielle Omar answers the Telephone of doom and gathers the troops for their sauce making task. One glitch.. Gabi is donning a fairly tidy shirt/ dress combo... everyone else is in pyjamas. Yes. That's right. GABRIELLE OMAR CLEARLY SLEPT IN HER BUSINESS DRESS. Non-stop action ferocious tiger right here. (I like her).

So onto the Apprentice Episode 3 task... Katie Wright (Not Me) takes charge of the boys, and Duane Bryan (who makes me think of the has-been singer Shaggy), the girls. Both perform well but there were glitches. Katie spells her brand "Belissimo" wrong and Jane McEvoy (the Irish babe) messes up the numbers on the other team. I mean really... how hard is it? We're not asking you to differentiate the complex integral here.... This is SPELLING AND SUMS and they're getting it wrong. You can hear Lord Shuga banging the table already *Tulisa style*.

Anyway let's get down to BIZNEZ and the blaaaaady maney. Katie's team produce lots (not as much as planned albeit) but Michael struggles to shift it. Duane's team execute both adequately and come out with a win.

This leaves Katie, Ricky Martin and Michael Copp in the final 3. Ricky didn't produce as much sauce as hoped for and Michael did sweet FA (Note Karren Brady and Lord Sugar like football - WHY AM I SO HILARIOUS ALL THE TIME!?)

I kind of missed the boardroom chat, glances between Ricky Martin and Katie meant I could only think of the "She Bangs" lyrics. Anyway Michael got the boot.

My faves to win at the moment are Katie Wright and Duane Bryan. While Nick Holzherr, Ricky Martin and Tom Gearing are growing on me in that order. Azhar Siddique and Jenna Whittingham are the weakest in my eyes at the moment; purely because I haven't seen much of what their skillsets are.

WAIT. I only just mentioned Jenna... She really wasn't in this episode much. No northern twang and whiny Harry present. I secretly miss it. But shhhhhhh.

Onto next week. Until then I'll be livin' da vi da loca.