Apprentice 2012 Episode six review, Harry Maxwell-style

Apprentice 2012 Episode 6 review according to Young Apprentice star Harry Maxwell...

WARNING: Apprentice Article contains reference to ten cheesy songs you will get in your head. If you manage to work them all out and comment below with them, I will follow you on twitter (Cha-ching, cha-ching).

Let's get down to BIZNESS...

As The Apprentice battled the Champions League in the ratings last night, Katie Wright became the sixth candidate caught offside and handed the (non-pork) chop.

On a task to produce and sell meat balls, Katie made the wrong call trying to sell at a football game under team leadah Adam Corbally. Although Jessie J may think it's not about the bladdy maney, on this task it was and Adam's team lost by £12.

Adam didn't realise it was all about the money/BBC

I was a bit surprised to see Katie Wright go, but we have to remember Sugar's finger has a mind of its own. Previously Katie had been very switched on. She'd think about the target audience and could get her head around the figures. C'est la vie I guess.

So what else went down (I hear you scream)?

Well… Now I've got a B*Witched song out of my head, I will tell you. Jenna Whittingham led the other team to victory and really weirdly I am starting to like her.

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With Jenna's northern-fire-engine-esque accent, boardroom heckles of "I GET STUCK IN" and struggles with sums, you can't help but get frustrated by all the things she's said. But this time, Jenna kept on movin'. She seemed motivational AND managed to get her head around the numbers; albeit with a little help from her friend Ricky Martin.

Anyway, back to the boardroom. Completing the final three in this week's loser-cruiser was Azhar Siddique who joined fired Katie and losing PM Adam. Azhar's definitely on his way out. We haven't seen what his skill set is as he sits in tasks like a Cheshire Cat. He may have made me laugh dancing with a hula hoop to 80s music last week, but I am surprised he didn't beat it last night. Next week he seriously better run and better do what he can.

Back to reality (oh, there goes gravity) and looking to the future.

The clear favourites to win at the moment are Nick Holzherr and RICKAY Martin. Both have their head in the game, they're remaining calm and executing very very well. Also as Nick Hewer never says, there was a pure elle-oh-elle (LOL) moment last night. Having won the task, Nick Holzherr fell off his motorised scooter and was truly rolling in the deep.

Nick fell off his scooter - but he's one to watch/BBC

The dark horses at the moment are Tom Gearing and Jade Nash. Both seem pretty sharp, but we haven't seen much from them in the edit. I also want Laura Hogg to stay, just because she's the best looking in the line-up.

I reckon Azhar Siddique and Stephen Brady will be taking the Apprentice walk of shame preddy soon. Azhar does sweet FA and Stephen tells so-so-scandalous lies in the boardroom. Will they know how to get up from an all-time low? Don't hold your breath.

That's all for this week. Please comment below/on twitter @HarryMaxwell. Laterz.