Apprentice 2012 Episode 2 EXCLUSIVE Harry Maxwell review

Junior Apprentice semi-finalist Harry Maxwell exclusively has his say on Episode 2 of Apprentice 2012. Read why he thinks Jenna needs to get fired, why Lord Sugar teased us with an (almost) double firing and why he reckons he's Hugh Hefner...

HM: So I thought last week's Apprentice was pretty lacklustre, but with episode two it was BACK and Lord Sugar's titans were better than ever.

So we see the army, sorry candidates, marching into the museum awaiting Sugar's sweet music (the task low-down), and you almost expect an orchestra procession to burst out. It doesn't and on with the challenge - making a household tool and pitching it.

Off they go to come up with the ideas. Jenna and Azhar are appointed PM pretty swiftly. The boys an eco-compressor masterminded by Duane, AKA Puff-Daddy. The girls, a splash screen for kids in the bath from Scottish mama Laura.

The only other credible idea on the table was the Twitter-trending tap cosy, to rest your feet on in the bath. Must say I LOVED that idea from Katie Einstein, sorry Katie Wright.

I like baths. I like dressing gowns. All I need now is a tap cosy and I'm basically Hugh Heffner (siriuzly).

Onto the pitches - the boys were pretty confident with Duane hitting all the nails on the head while the girls - actually just Jenna - messed up the numbers. I mean it's really not that difficult? Jenna, your voice annoys me, you can't get the numbers right - CAN YOU JUST GET FIRED?

Well apparently not as in the end the girls lost and Maria got the boot. Yes Maria fell asleep, but I think she had energy, Jenna on the other hand? Well just ugh. ugh. and further sighing.

Jane is still looking strong. She was a confident PM and is very commercially minded despite this numbers blip. Katie is a dark horse. The girls want rid, but she's coming up with all the right ideas and making the right points. I can tell she's going to be in the boardroom a lot, but I think she's strong.

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On the boys team, Duane is miles ahead, the only one with ideas who is making sense. Haven't heard much from simpleton Adam or snazzy suited Tom. I think Nick Holzherr is one who will slowly unfold and Azhir's time is running short!

Ooooooo how could I forget!? There was nearly a DOUBLE FIRING. The music was there, the whole nation were screaming out for it, but it didn't happen. That Lord Sugar - such a tease!

Insert Dramatic Apprentice music.

I'm out.