Ant and Dec admit to taking drugs in the past but insist it was a brief phase, phew

Ant and Dec have revealed that there was a time during their careers that they dabbled in taking drugs.

Ant and Dec have admitted to taking drugs in the past. Copyright [Rex]

But before you start to worry that the television legends are headed for a downward spiral, the two admitted that they weren’t taken in by the drug culture.

Thank goodness for that.

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Ant, 37, told The Guardian Weekend magazine: “Years ago, yeah, [we did drugs] but we're not really druggy people, that's the thing.

“I think you either go into that crowd as a kid or you don't, and we didn't.

“We found the love of alcohol very early on and we stayed with it.'”

Dec, also 37, added: “There's a real pub culture where we're from in Newcastle, so we're just more boozy people.”

Ant and Dec have fronted huge shows such as 'I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here'. Copyright [Rex]

The two, who have been best friends for years, have enjoyed a long lasting career built on their partnership.

From starring in Byker Grove to hosting big name shows such as ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here,’ the two are still one of the most sought after presenters in the business.

However, Dec admitted that the two will always put their friendship before their career.

He revealed: “I think if we were to row and to fall out, I'd miss having my best mate more than I'd miss my career. Genuinely, I do.

“I think almost everything that we do is built on our friendship, not on our career. So we have a career that's built on friendship, not a friendship built on a career.”

Now isn’t that nice?


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