Another day, another Rihanna bikini picture

It seems Rihanna has been on holiday for about 46 years. Or maybe it just feels that way as we have spent the majority of the time at our desks.

Or more precisely, at our desks gawping at pictures of Rihanna in a bikini.

Rihanna in a bikini. Standard. Copyright: [twitter/rihanna]

Either way, we are starting to think she must own about 657 bikinis and we feel like we just might have seen the lot.

Hasn't she got albums to record, or Grammy's to win or something? It's just not fair, we want to go on holiday!

Today we were treated to a picture of Riri larking about with one of her pals in which we think she might be doing her very best stick insect impression.

While, yesterday she tweeted this snap of her impressive derriere:

What wouldn't we give for a bum like that?! Copyright: [twitter/rihanna]

We would like to send our personal thanks after this snap alone was enough motivation to pull us to this morning's spin class.

Even though we dread to think how many classes it would take to get a bum like that.

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She really is just magnificent, isn't she? We would give up a date with Harry Styles for a behind that beautiful!

And just in case you aren't nauseated enough, the 24 year old also posted this picture of the beautiful sunset view from her yacht:

Rihanna is on holiday in case you don't know. Copyright:[twitter/rihanna]

While we just feel lucky this summer if a day goes by where the umbrella doesn't have to come up.

However, it is pictures like this that make us really start to wish we had a yacht. Perhaps, Dickie Branson might lend us his? We wouldn't make a mess and would super appreciate it.