Anne Hathaway rocks peplum trend, does nothing to extinguish pregnancy rumours at Dark Knight Rises premiere

The rumour mill is in full swing with whispers that Anne Hathaway might be pregnant. So when we knew she would be appearing on the red carpet at last night's Dark Knight Rises premiere our eyes were strictly on bump watch.

And guess what? She opted for a peplum. OK, so we know they are bang on trend but talk about a way to hitch our eyebrows even further up!

Anne rocked a pretty peplum at the premiere. Copyright: [getty]

If we wanted to banish any rumours about any potential lodgers in our tum we would whack on a leotard — definitely not a little tummy cover!

Pretty outfit or cunning disguise? Copyright: [getty]

Could it be this pretty white Grecian gown is more than just a stunning outfit but in fact a bit of a disguise? *Which will now be referred to always as 'an Adele'*.

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Observe the evidence:

Recently, Anne and her fiancée Adam Shulman were spotted having a huge celebratory dinner and were seen sharing some important but seemingly top secret news. Ok, so maybe not suspicious so far, he probably got a promotion or maybe they won a tenner on the lottery?

However, despite the absolutely huge nameless celebration, Anne stuck strictly to soft drinks all night. Plus, the pair have been together nearly four years and are super happy and in love. Plus, both sets of parents were present. Cue our suspicions.

This added to her seemingly on trend but also perfect peplum disguise and we think that is enough evidence to get a little bit excited, don't you?

Regardless of what we reckon, the actress is keeping tight lipped about anything nappy or cradle related. However, they are yet to set a date for the wedding so if it's suddenly next week, then don't say we didn't tell you so!

Anne's dress looked as good from the front as the back Copyright: [getty]

However, babies aside, Anne rocked the red carpet hard, becoming yet another celeb to jump on the white trend this summer which is so hot we keep getting tempted to pop into bridal shops. Plus, we are still absolutely in love with her elfin cropped haircut which we just wish we could pull off without looking like a lost member of One Direction.

Finally, if you love looking at pretty white dresses then we reckon you might just love to have a gawp at what Marion Cotillard turned up on the red carpet in.

Anne's dress looked as good from the front as the back Copyright: [getty]

But more importantly, focus on the shoes. Maybe she could post them over? Celebs get loads of free stuff, we are sure she wouldn't even miss them.