Anne Hathaway EXCLUSIVE: It’s dangerous when people write about my weight loss and diet

When Anne Hathaway lost a dramatic amount of weight for her role in Les Miserables (combined with a face-changing crop hair cut) her appearance was somewhat shocking.

But what shocked the A-list star were the false reports about how she managed to lose weight and what diet she followed — something she's dubbed 'dangerous'.

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While promoting The Dark Knight Rises the brunette beauty told omg!'s reporter:

"When they [journalists] write things about the weight loss I did for Les Mis and they publish a diet that had nothing to do with what I did and people believe it to be true I think that's really dangerous."

One example would be when a quote was taken out of context from an interview Anne did with Allure magazine - reports appeared that she lived on a diet of radish and hummus!

anne hathawayAnne Hathaway doesn't read anything written about her. Copyright [WENN]

We asked the actress if she tired of gossip surrounding her personal life and she had a pretty diplomatic reply…

She said: "I try to avoid reading stuff about myself but what gets annoying is when people make up stuff that isn't true it gets dangerous.

"If they [the press] are lying and saying my fiancé doesn't like my hair that's just dumb and a little weird."

To be fair any man not liking Anne's hair, whether bald, cropped or long, would be insane!