Andrew Garfield Had Gruelling Workout Regime To Get Buff For Spider-Man Role - EXCLUSIVE

He put in the hours to get that superhero bod...

He plays one of the world's most iconic superheroes.

Andrew Garfield put himself through a grueling workout regime.

But being a mere mortal in real life, poor Andrew Garfield had to put his body through hell in order to get his buff Spider-Man physique.

Speaking at Yahoo's exclusive Amazing Spider-Man 2 Q&A, the British A-lister admitted that all-day workouts left him feeling knackered (and bored.)

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In reply to a young fan's question, he said: "If only I was actually Spider-Man, I wouldn’t have to do any exercises - I would just get bitten by a spider and be incredibly strong.

Andrew Garfield opened up about getting buff at the Yahoo Q&A.

"But I’m a human and that’s unfortunate because I have to go to the gym 18 times day in order to have any semblance of looking like a superhero."

Talking about his *very* gruelling fitness regime in order to bulk up, the 30-year-old admitted that all became a bit dullsville after a while.

He added: "It’s a lot of weights – a lot of lifting up heavy objects and putting them back down again, then lifting them up again and putting them back down.

"And you do that about a hundred times and you get very bored."

Andrew had to work hard to build up his buff bod. Copyright [Moviestore/REX]

But to battle the boredom, it seems that Andrew decided to work on his basketball skills - with the help of a certain co-star.

He continued: "I played basketball. Me and Jamie played some basketball in New York together. It was Electro Vs Spider-Man. Electro won."

Andrew added: "I also did a lot of flexibility stuff as well – a lot of yoga."

Phew - who'd have thought that being Spiderman was such hard work?!

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