Amy Childs: TOWIE shouldn’t do a live episode again

Former TOWIE cast member Amy Childs has admitted that she didn't think the recent live episode of The Only Way is Essex was a good idea.

Amy Childs wasn't impressed with TOWIE Live. [Copyright Wenn]

Talking exclusively to omg!, the TV personality told us that although she thought the cast performed well and they did their best, it was confusing when conversions were cut short and you couldn't hear them.

She told us: "I think the TOWIE cast did brilliantly. They are a great cast all of them, they had banter but people love TOWIE the way it is.

"My advice is to not do TOWIE live again. I love the show, I watch the show, I'm a big fan.

Amy Childs believes that live television is a lot more difficult to pull off than pre-recorded programming and this is where she feels the program came unstuck.

She explained: "I think it is so hard to go live, Emmerdale and Coronation Street have done it but I think it was quite a lot of hard work for them.

"I think the characters did really well, Kirk when he sang was so good and I think he shocked people with that. Joey and Sam, everyone loves them as a couple, also did really well."

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However, Amy did applaud the fact that the episode was done in aid of raising money for breast cancer care.

She said: "It was all for charity though which I think a lot of people didn't get the gist of."

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