Amy Childs suffers worst case of VPL we’ve ever seen *giggles*

Amy Childs always comes up with imaginative ways to launch her latest products - and today's unveiling of her hair vajazzles was no different.

Amy ChildsAmy Childs at her launch today. Copyright [WENN]Amy Childs launched her new hair vajazzles in style today - but can we just take a moment to gawp at the VPL on offer?

And that's before we've addressed the wig/bodysuit/glitter/boobs. *giggles*

When Amy launched her fake eyelashes by straddling a moped, dressed in a latex catsuit with the world's biggest beehive hairstyle, we were pretty overwhelmed.

Amy Childs showed off a serious case of VPL *giggles* Copyright [WENN]Amy ChildsAmy Childs at the launch of her hair vajazzles. Copyright [Rex]But this daring ensemble, consisting of a nude coloured bodysuit with glitter detailing and a blonde bobbed wig, was in a league of its own.

Amy Childs was launching her hair vajazzles, which are silver gems that can be stuck to your hair for sparkly tresses.

Amy ChildsAmy Childs posed for pictures like a pro. Copyright [WENN]We couldn't help but notice the resemblance between Amy Childs and Britney Spears in the Toxic video. Britney also donned a similar nude, gem encrusted catsuit for the video which remains one of her sexiest offerings.

It seemed that Amy thought the launch went rather well, tweeting that she was pleased with how things had gone.

Amy ChildsAmy Childs at her launch today. Copyright [WENN]The star said: "Great launch for my #hairvajjazzle today . Pictures will be online soon xxx" [sic]

And here the pictures are, in all their glory.