Amy Childs gets naked - or at least topless - for the most cringeworthy Valentine's Day photoshoot EVER

Amy Childs has officially won the Most Cringeworthy Valentine's Photoshoot of the Year gong, courtesy of us.

Amy Childs's naked photoshoot is the most cringeworthy thing we've seen all year. Copyright [PA]

Posing naked - or at least topless - in a bath filled with champagne, Amy's latest shoot is actually making us feel a little bit sick with the cringe bug.

The awkward snaps include her boyfriend David Peters, dressed down in a fluffy white bathrobe, staring at Amy in a slightly creepy manner while pouring more champagne into the tub.

Amy Childs looks comfortable, despite being topless in a bath - in someone's garden. Copyright [PA]

There's even some random red roses and petals thrown in for good measure - and to cover some boob in one of the more risque shots.

Amy looks as comfortable as ever (is she EVER uncomfortable doing these ridiculous stunts? Apparently not, which is probs why we love her), lounging in the water and still fully made-up with some bling to complete the look.

Amy Childs' boyfriend, David Peters, looks like he's having a great time! Copyright [PA]

Meanwhile, the tub itself appears to be sitting in someone's really posh garden... because that's where we all have our baths, right?

It actually looks quite cold, poor Amos - we're not even sure what this is in aid of... over-sized baths? Someone elaborate.

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