Amy Childs calls Tricia Penrose ‘nasty’ and ‘two faced’, we reckon they should sort it out on Celebrity Big Brother!

Amy Childs' has hit back at Tricia Penrose, calling her 'nasty' and 'two faced'.

Just WHAT are the odds?! Copyright: [rex/wenn]

In case you missed it, Tricia mentioned Amy in her Celebrity Big Brother VT, making reference to the time they both turned up to an event in the same dress.

Which is FYI, the stuff of celeb nightmares.

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In the VT Tricia joked that she refused to change and that she looked better than Amy anyway.

Now Amy has taken to her magazine column to pretty much EXPLODE, calling Tricia all sorts.

Amy wrote: "I can't believe she said she looked better than me – what a nasty thing to say. She's so two-faced."

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"She actually told me I looked lovely. I offered to change and she said, 'I'm twice your age and you look better than me'."

"And she knows who I am because she told my mum she should be proud of me.

In the end, Amy was forced to change. Well, we say forced but it wasn't like anyone physically wrestled her out the dress, rather she felt silly, and decided to change.

So we have an idea, why not chuck Amy back in the CBB house? Let the pair of them really work it out?

Amy has after all said that she would 'love' to go back in the house!

According to Female First, the star said: "I would love to go back into the house with David - I think it would be such a laugh."

David being her boyfriend, although we would settle for David Beckham if he is busy.

Er, producers, are you listening?!

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