Amy Childs is your face OK? It’s looking all kinds of Simon Cowell puffy!

Is it just us or was Amy Childs looking a bit odd on the This Morning sofa yesterday? Judge for yourself now, please:

Amy's face was looking puffy on This Morning. Copyright: [rex]

Yep, Amy was only on This Morning to talk about her new show Celebrity Wedding Planners, but all everyone could talk about was her face.

Huge shocked faces were pulled nationwide when Amy sat down with Phil and Holly yesterday sporting a less than fresh new look.

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Amy's face was, we will admit, looking all kinds of Simon Cowell-style puffy and has now prompted questions over whether she has gone overboard with the fillers.

One viewer tweeted: "Omg what has amy childs done to her face?!?"

Perhaps she had a heavy night? Copyright: [rex]

Another added: "Yikes Amy Childs what have you done to your face?? Looks like you've morphed into @KatiePriceyUK #hadtolooktwice.

The TOWIE star is definitely no stranger to cosmetic procedures and has openly admitted them in the past but at just 22, we hardly think she needs everything she is getting.

Amy a few months ago. Copyright: [rex]

Saying that, perhaps she had had a heavy night down the Sugar Hut? If there is one thing being women has taught us, it's that you can't look your best all the time.

Even if you are a celeb.

We reckon everyone should maybe not jump to conclusions JUST yet.... and perhaps get her some special cream to sort it out?

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