Amy Childs’ face looks back to normal after surgery jibes

Amy Childs was hurt by the rumours that she'd had secret surgery after a TV appearance where she looked bloated and swollen around the cheeks and eyes.

Amy Childs' face looked back to normal as she stepped out last night. Copyright [Splash/WENN]However, as Amy Childs stepped out in London last night, her face looked pretty much back to normal.

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Amy Childs looked amazing in chic cigarette trousers teamed with a black top and white blazer. And her face looked far less puffy than it has done recently.

We reckon this will come as a massive relief to the reality TV star, who admitted she'd felt hurt and upset by the comments about her face and claims that she'd had surgery.

Amy Childs' appearance on This Morning last month sparked rumours that she'd had surgery. Copyright [Rex]She revealed this week in her new! magazine column that the cause of the puffiness was actually an allergic reaction.

The former TOWIE star said: "As you know, I got a lot of stick the other week after appearing on This Morning, with lots of people saying I looked like I'd had work done. I've since found out I've had some kind of allergic reaction and it's made my face and all around my eyes really puffy.

Amy Childs has been hurt by the comments about her face. Copyright [Splash]"I'm currently taking antihistamines and hope it will go down soon. My doctor also suggested I change my diet to make sure my skin is getting lots of nutrients and doesn't dry out, so I'm working on that."

It looks as though her medication is working, and hopefully the nasty comments will stop.

Amy Childs was compared with Jocelyn Wildenstein, the American woman who's had hundreds of cosmetic procedures and is known as 'Cat Lady'.

Amy said of the comparisons: "I thought this was nasty and way below the belt. I’ve been really upset about some of the remarks about my face, but I’m even more hurt that my family could have read that article. It’s cruel."