Amy Childs EXCLUSIVE: People tried to stop me having surgery but if you don’t like something change it

Amy Childs is famed not just for her stunning looks but also her outspoken attitude for saying it like it is. And when it comes to fake boobs and cosmetic surgery loved by many a celebrity,  she's as honest as always .

amy ChildsAmy Childs has opened up to omg! about wanting more surgery. Copyright [Twitter/Amy Childs]

told omg!: "So many people try to stop you doing [surgery], but I did it for me for not anybody else.

"I've got a lot of young fans and people who look up to me but I deserve to feel good about myself and I feel good with lots of padding in my bra."

amy childsAmy Childs is heading for another boob job soon. Copyright [Twitter, WENN]

And Amy didn't stop there, she continued saying: "Without this they are saggy and I want my fans to know I spoke with my mum about it and took ages to make this decision. I went for lots of consultations with the Hospital group."

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The former TOWIE star recently revealed she was undergoing another boob job to lift her assets, we asked Amy what justified her decision as she promoted the new Indesit washing machine that washes and dries clothes in 45 minutes.

Amy added: "I'm doing it for myself not for anyone else!

"I had the first job when I was 18 but they've dropped a lot I want them to be more natural. I have to wear a lot of padding at the moment and it's uncomfortable."

She continued to state her case pro-surgery saying: "If you don't feel good about yourself and want something done no one can stop you."

amy childsWe spoke to Amy Childs as she launched a new machine for Indesit. Copyright [Indesit]

Such an attitude has sparked criticism of Amy's choices but she clearly knows how to defend herself as she tells us: "People are very judgmental of how I look I've never done topless modeling in my life.

"I'm going to show girls I'm classy and I'm trying to look nice all the time."

Judging from all the photos we've seem of Amy, we think she does a good job, and not just that she told us she spends an hour a day speaking to her fans who she affectionately calls her 'little Amynators'.