Amy Childs EXCLUSIVE: I don’t care if a fireman was at my door, I’d still stick to my skincare regime

Amy Childs is an extreme disciplinarian when it comes to looking good and while she's famed for covering her pretty face in make-up she revealed to us that when it comes to taking it off, she's beyond dedicated.

amy childsAmy Childs revealed ot omg! what it takes to look this good. Copyright [WENN] [

When we asked if she'd ever sleep in make-up (just in case a hot fireman came to the door in an emergency) the former TOWIE beauty told us: "I don't care if a fireman turned up on my door, I've got to have my skincare good.

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"I'm really into what I look like, but inevitably after a few drinks I can't be bothered to take my make-up off but I feel guilty so I have to put loads of cream on the next day to compensate."

amy childsAmy Childs looks white hot in her new bikini collection. Copyright [Cann Associates]

Amy is as dedicated from the neck down as she is on the way up as the latest shots from her swimwear range show off her flawless figure.

But looking this good comes at a cost as Amy adds: "I do squats for my bum, I do bench presses and try and go for runs three times a week.

"I really work hard it, I'm always back and forth but I do work out sensibly. I'm happy with myself that's what it is."

These were some wise words from Amy who spoke to us as she launched the new Indesit washing machine that washes and dries clothes in 45 minutes.

amy childsAmy Childs applies fake tan at midnight. Copyright [WENN]

Another routine she's perfected is applying fake tan which she applies pretty late at night…

"I do look after myself," Amy told us. "I was doing my Amy Childs moose Up Tan Gal at 12 o'clock the other night. I use my own scrub to prepare my skin, I'm not one of the these girls who puts fake tan on top of fake tan.

"I have regular blow dries, and Caviar A—lift facials at my salon and it makes me feel proper good."

We bet!

Amy's swimwear range is available to purchase from Amy was shot on location at The Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden