Amy Childs ditches natural look, gets hair extensions back

When Amy Childs took out all her hair extensions, chopped off her locks and posed on Twitter without any makeup, we were shocked.

Amy ChildsAmy Childs had her hair done today. Copyright [Rex]We're used to seeing Amy Childs with long thick red hair and perfectly applied makeup. Since she took out her hair extensions to give her locks a rest, the star has worn an assortment of wigs and hair pieces.

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However, today the reality TV star was snapped having a pampering session at London salon Inanch, where she also had her hair extensions reattached.

Amy Childs in the hairdressersAmy Childs was pictured having her hair extensions put back in. Copyright [Rex]Amy Childs looked as perfectly turned out as ever, dressed in a pair of jeans, a black vest top and orange blouse.

She was spotted having her hair extensions put in as she applied her makeup in the hairdresser's mirror.

Amy Childs without her hair extensionsAmy Childs without her hair extensions. Copyright [Amy Childs]The star looks amazing considering she's had her second boob job last week and was still in a lot of pain a few days ago.

We spoke to Amy Childs exclusively before she went for the op, and she told us she was having the surgery to make herself feel more confident.

Amy ChildsAmy Childs also applied her makeup during her papmerping session. Copyright [Rex]She said: "I'm doing it for myself not for anyone else! If you don't feel good about yourself and want something done no one can stop you."