Amanda Thatcher pays tribute to her grandmother, Margaret, at her funeral - but she's trending on Twitter for a different reason...

Amanda Thatcher paid tribute to her grandmother, Margaret Thatcher, at her funeral this morning.

Amanda Thatcher led the procession at Margaret Thatcher's funeral this morning, before trending on Twitter. Copyright …

But despite her "poised and elegant" reading, Amanda became the talk of Twitter for very different reasons.

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As she led the procession, the 19-year-old fast became the top trending topic in a 'Pippa Middleton' sort of way - so much so, that 'Pippa Middleton' was the second trending topic.

One user wrote: "Amanda Thatcher is straight out of Cruel Intentions."

Amanda Thatcher seemed to be the talking point of Margaret Thatcher's funeral on social media. Copyright [PA]

Even Simon Pegg tweeted: "It's sad to reflect that, after today, Pippa Middleton will get sidelined as Amanda Thatcher becomes the new Daily Mail pin-up girl."

Amanda was brought up in Texas and currently studies in Virginia, US.

Amanda Thatcher attended the funeral with her brother Michael. Copyright [PA]

She was voted "most likely to change the world" by her fellow students when she was in high school.

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Meanwhile, Samantha Cameron was following closely behind Amanda and Pippa, thanks to her 'flight attendant'-style outfit (your words, not ours).

One user asked: "Is Samantha Cameron gonna serve tea and coffee after this in her flight attendant outfit?"

Samantha Cameron's flight attendant-style outfit got plenty of chatter on Twitter too. Copyright [PA]

Another noted: "Samantha Cameron looks like an Emirates Flight Attendant at Thatcher's funeral. Just what is she wearing???? #ggthefashionexpert"

Even her hat got a few mentions from baffled viewers....

One quipped: "Why is Samantha Cameron wearing a saucepan lid? #thatcherfuneral"

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