Amanda Bynes spotted smoking marijuana in her car?

It's not been the greatest year for Amanda Bynes and now seems like her troubles could continue after reportedly being spotted smoking illegal substances in her car.

Amanda has allegedly been pictured smoking marijuana. [Copyright Wenn]

According to TMZ, the actress has been photographed smoking marijuana from a pipe while driving her car on a suspended licence.

Not good.

TMZ claims that the actress can be seen smoking from the homemade pipe which she had made to look like a cigarette lighter.

Amanda already has had her licence revoked by the Los Angeles County District following a string of car related incidents.

This means that if the pictures turn out to be authentic, Amanda could be finding herself in a whole lot of trouble with the police.

Amanda was charged with drinking under the influence last June. [Copyright Getty]

The troubled former child actress is already facing two driving misdemeanours after being involved in two hit and runs last April and August.

One of the alleged hit and run victims, named Kisa, reportedly spoke to TMZ this month about the incident after the star supposedly drove into the back of her car.

She said: "Someone could have died if [Amanda] kept driving. A normal person would not get away with hit-and-runs and she shouldn't either."

In June, Bynes was charged with being under the influence while driving and just this Monday the actress was pulled over again and given a verbal warning for, you guessed it, driving on a suspended licence.

Amanda will next be seen in court on 21 September.

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