Amanda Bynes makes outrageous Twitter claims and Tulisa gets a tacky tattoo in shocking celebrity news this week - EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Amanda Bynes made a whole host of outrageous claims on Twitter this week, while Tulisa showed off a tacky new tattoo. But that wasn't the only shocking celebrity news, as our exclusive video shows. Here are this week's top three juiciest celebrity stories.

3. Tulisa gets a tacky tattoo

Tulisa raised eyebrows this week by getting a new tattoo. The inking is the words 'Lucky You' next to a four leafed clover on her bikini line. Classy stuff.

Tulisa's 'Lucky You' tattoo above her bikini has got to be one of the tackiest celeb inkings we've ever seen. Copyright …

2. Kim Kardashian had a meltdown about her pregnancy body

Kim Kardashian broke down about her pregnancy weight gain this week. During a trailer for Keeping up with the Kardashians, the star stripped off and cried: "How the f**k did I get like this?"

Kim Kardashian had a melt down about her pregnancy body. Copyright [WENN]1. Amanda Bynes makes some shocking claims on Twitter after her arrest

AmandaBynes has had a pretty shocking week following her arrest for allegedlythrowing a bong out of her window. She then claimed she was sexually assaultedby the police officer who arrested her. And to top it all off, she went on aTwitter tirade against Rihanna in which she said Chris Brown beat her becauseshe’s ugly.

Amanda Bynes spent the weekend hating on Rihanna, instigating a twitter war in which the 26-year-old sensationally …